Why is wild boar pork cheaper than normal pigs?

The price of live hog is rising strongly but many shops still sell hybrid boar meat which is cheaper than pork belly sold in the market.

The price of regular live hog is rising and may reach 80,000 VND per kg while bacon at many markets costs 180,000-200,000 VND per kg. Meanwhile, domestic boar hybrids – not many are listed for sale at a cheaper price than ordinary pigs.

Ms. Hang, a clue of supplying food in District 8, constantly advertises about 1 quintal of bacon. Each kg costs 160,000 VND, if customers want to buy marinated goods, the price is up to 180,000 VND. According to her, about 4 times per month but always run out because wild boars are not only brittle, sweet but also attractive prices. “I have the current low price thanks to the goods taken in large quantities. Goods are frozen right after slaughter,” Hang said.

But there are still cheaper places to sell Ms. Hang. Hanh in Thu Duc said she was selling for 140,000 dong a kilo, if she took the marinated goods at 150,000 dong. According to her, pigs are bought in the village in Buon Ma Thuot so the prices are attractive. Because to ensure safety, after slaughter she must freeze for fresh meat.

“Every week I move up to about 50 kg, so whoever orders early will have the goods, whoever orders late must wait for the next batch,” Hanh said, saying that for large wholesale customers, they must book in advance and the price can stay. VND 120,000 per kg.

Not only in Ho Chi Minh City, in Vung Tau, mid-October, many clues also sell 100,000 VND per kg, buyers 3-5kg free shipping.

However, speaking to VnExpress Mr. Thao, owner of a hybrid boar farm in Di An, Binh Duong, said that it is impossible to have the price on this product.

Because, the price of wild boar is being sold at 120,000 -140,000 VND per kg. Therefore, the meat that has been slaughtered must be around VND 200,000 -250,000 per kg. Not to mention, this year the disease increased, many households breeding boar also the same fate so many infected pigs, the number of survivors is low. For households with commercial pigs, which have to pay additional quarantine fees and deal with disease prevention and raising, it is difficult to get the above price.

“At present, in order to remove antlers in many places, even infected pigs will be sold for meat. Others buy white lions with lots of pigs and turn them into wild boars for sale so only the wrong buyer but the wrong seller” Thao said.

In the same opinion, Mr. Hoa, the owner of the pig farm in Binh Phuoc, also said that the pigs were slaughtered and frozen can not be less than 200,000 VND per kg, especially when the price of wild boar was 135,000 VND per kg. He said his farm is still running out of resources because of an epidemic. Not to mention, raising wild boar is more difficult than conventional pigs.

“Therefore, to buy quality products, buyers must find out the origin, avoid buying low-quality, fake goods,” Mr. Hoa said.

Surveys on the market showed that pork price in the South was 64,000 VND per kg, in the North and Central was 65,000-76,000 VND.

In Ho Chi Minh City, the price of pork is usually 168,000-170,000 VND a kilogram, bacon draws the ribs to mold 200,000 VND, young ribs 210,000 VND a kg, pork leg 110,000 VND a kg, bone types range from 80,000 to 120,000 VND.