Vietjet wants to receive ‘abandoned’ aircraft in Noi Bai

Vietjet wants to use Royal Khmer Airlines Boeing 727-200 for specialized training and training.

Vietjet Aviation Joint Stock Company (Vietjet Air) has proposed the Ministry of Transport to Vietjet Aviation Academy to receive abandoned aircraft in Noi Bai. If agreed, the company will plan to receive and compensate costs at a reasonable level. On the contrary, if the aircraft is overpriced, the airline will have to find other alternatives because it needs repairs that can be used for training.

According to Vietjet, the aircraft is a valuable tool in the training and training of specific aviation specialties such as aircraft maintenance techniques, pilots, flight attendants …

Speaking to VnExpress, Mr. Le Anh Tuan, Deputy Minister of Transport, said that the Ministry has received Vietjet’s request. However, besides this company, there are many proposals from other units. Therefore, the Ministry will review all proposals of businesses, consider and submit to the Prime Minister for direction.

Previously, a business in Hanoi wanted to exchange goods for planes to make cafes, restaurants, entertainment places … but the Aviation Administration of Vietnam said that there was no legal basis to exchange. aircraft with goods worth 3 billion should refuse.

The Aviation Administration of Vietnam also asked a business to appraise the abandoned Boeing 727 aircraft at Noi Bai airport but faced many difficulties due to insufficient documents and documents, so it eventually valued 1.7. billions dong. Up to now, after 12 years, the Aviation Administration of Vietnam has not decided on the handling plan.

Meanwhile, a business leader specializing in trading and buying old aircraft and aircraft in Ho Chi Minh City assessed that if he used to sell scrap, his company would be willing to buy back for 4 billion. He also said that the materials on the plane are good and rare goods including aluminum, zinc, steel, iron and shaft connecting aircraft … cost billions.

“If we were to buy it, the cost of transporting it out of the airport, hiring people to cut it out and sorting materials would be over 1 billion dong,” the business leader said. But according to him, apart from selling scrap, the aircraft if used in business models is also quite effective because of its originality.

This Boeing 727-200 was once owned by Royal Khmer Airlines – Cambodia. This type of civilian passenger plane has the first 3 tail jets in the world, carrying a maximum of 134 passengers. After operating a few flights on the Siem Reap – Hanoi route, there was a technical problem and stopped flying, stopping at Noi Bai International Airport from May 1, 2007.