UX300e – the first pure electric car of Lexus

CHINA Electrification trend is concerned and invested by most competitors, while UX300e is the first product of Lexus in this segment.

Lexus UX300e debuted at the Guangzhou Exhibition 2019, based on the crossover UX model launched in 2018. This is the first time the luxury car company belonging to Toyota joins the pure electric car race, a global trend.

UX300e almost has not changed much in interior and exterior design compared to the petrol version. The difference comes from a pure electric powertrain with a 53.3 kWh lithium-ion battery pack installed in the center of the car floor.

The engine of the car for a capacity of 201 horsepower and 299 Nm of torque. Front-drive system. UX300e can travel about 400 km after a full charge. Lexus says that the battery placement helps lower the car’s focus. Improved body stability thanks to the addition of new braces.

The driver operates on a separate application that connects the car to a smartphone to monitor the status of the battery charge, the timer to notify when the battery is full. Car owners can also set up a charging schedule, control remote functions such as air conditioning in the car, seat heating, defrosting, water on glass doors in cold areas.

Lexus’ electric car model offers a mode-controlled function, but it’s unclear how many. Through the gear shift lever, the driver can adjust the regenerative braking levels on UX300e. This is the system that converts the kinetic energy, the heat generated during braking into electrical energy, and then stores it in battery cells for reuse.

Lexus UX300e no specific price, appears on the Chinese market, Europe in 2020 and a year later is home Japan.