US worries China’s 5G network ‘divides the world’

The head of the FCC believes that creating 5G combined with China’s strict censorship policy could have a negative impact on the Internet.

“We do not want the Internet to be Balkanized,” US Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai told the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) in New York (US) on November 5. “China’s prominence in the next-generation 5G wireless technology not only threatens US security, but can also lead to a very dangerous Internet split.”

Mr. Pai mentioned the issue of Balkanized – a geopolitical word to indicate the process of dividing a region or a country into smaller ones or countries that are often hostile or uncooperative. According to SCMP, the chairman of the FCC is very clear, in which fears the US – China will continue to confront mobile technology in the future.

In fact, Mr. Pai’s speech also revealed this concern. “You don’t need to find evidence that the Chinese government will use its growing influence in global trade to advance its own interests,” Pai said. “I worry the end result (China’s technological advances) will essentially create the opposite, with one free version and the other built by heavily censored Chinese authorities. that is really unfortunate for users “.

Along with that, Pai refers to the appearance of Chinese technology companies in the name of “global forces”, especially the strong rise of Huawei – the telecommunications giant of the country of billions of people, is the world’s largest provider of 5G equipment.

The Trump administration has long considered Huawei products to be a “national security threat” and listed as an entity in May. However, the company has repeatedly denied the allegations. While still active in many fields, the latest is to support the three mobile operators China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom to work together to provide the largest 5G network in the world.

Earlier, in a speech on WSJ, Pai also said that allowing Chinese 5G telecommunications equipment to be installed in the US could “open up opportunities for censorship, surveillance, espionage and actions.” other harm “.

In addition, the head of the FCC also revealed the dedicated resources to deploy 5G in the United States and ensure the country remains a pioneer in next-generation wireless connectivity technology. They still prioritize safety, security and bring utilities to users.
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