Two women died suspected of being anesthetic

DA NANG Within a month at the same hospital, two women died and one was critical when injected with the same anesthetic drug.

On November 20, Da Nang Department of Health held a press conference at the Women’s Hospital, Hai Chau District, to inform about the deaths of two women, one critical woman when she was injected with anesthetic for surgery children.

Three days earlier, two women, 33 and 34 years old, were admitted to the Women’s Hospital for a caesarean section in normal health. When receiving anesthesia spinal injection, two patients showed numbness, pain in the right buttock, pain in the same amputation, discomfort, convulsions of the lower extremities. “monitoring anesthetic poisoning”. After the transfer, a pregnant woman died. The other person is critical and has had a good day.

Nearly a month ago, a woman in Da Nang also went to the Women’s Hospital to give birth. With the same anesthetic injection, this person later died.

Three babies are in normal health.

Mr. Vo Xuan Phuc, Hospital Director, said that the anesthetist for patients with 30 years of experience, the three cases were very fast. The hospital immediately referred the patient to the upline for treatment when there was an abnormality.

On the evening of November 17, the hospital sealed the whole lot of anesthetics, operating room, recovery room, and sent samples for testing. “Realizing that the incident was beyond the hospital’s level, we have reported to the Department of Health about working,” said Phuc.

The hospital has not ruled out the cause. This facility was allocated 850 ampoules of Marcain anesthetic (France) for use from 2018. By May 2019, the supplier announced it was out of stock. To ensure the source of medicine, the hospital chooses Bupivacaine (Poland) with the same active ingredient instead. Drug prices are not much different.

There are a total of 380 Bupivacaine ampoules from CPC1 Central Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company, divided into 3 batches. The first two episodes are safe. Three pregnant women were given injections among 150 ampoules imported into the third round.

In Da Nang, in addition to the Women’s Hospital, there is the Maternity Hospital – Pediatrics and the Lien Chieu District Medical Center using anesthetic Bupivacaine instead of Marcain. However, only the Women’s Hospital recorded a stroke.

Mr. Nguyen Ut, Deputy Director of Da Nang Department of Health, said: “The Women’s Hospital has done the right procedure for diagnosis, treatment and surgical intent. When the incident occurred, it took full advantage of manpower and materials. We are focusing on treating surviving women. “

Da Nang Department of Health has sampled anesthetic Bupivacaine and sent to the Central Institute for Drug Testing, which is expected to have results after about 7-10 days. During this time, hospitals and health centers are advised not to use anesthetic bupivacaine. The city requested the Department to clarify the cause and report it before November 30.