Trai 97 breeds hundreds of South American dragon pet “monsters” in An Giang

In Tinh Bien district, An Giang province, there is a famous 9x everywhere when choosing for themselves South American dragons with rough, scary looks to be pets. The owner of these South American dragons is Mr. Le Duy Tan (SN 1997).

After 7 years of cherishing and performing passion, this 9X now owns hundreds of South American dragons of different colors and types, with mutant hybrids with rare colors.

Sharing with us, Mr. Tan said: “Contrary to its quite aggressive appearance, this reptile is very gentle and extremely easy to raise. It only takes a small cage made of wire or a closed cage to raise them. Its food is also very simple, 100% vegetable consisting of vegetables, tubers, fruits … ”

Because of this cuteness, in 2012, Mr. Tan boldly sought a South American dragon for 1.5 million VND to try it out. From the hobby, gradually this strange pet has become his passion.

Mr. Tan said: “At first, when we raised these people, they thought that they were salamanders, when they talked about their price, they did not believe. At first I only raised 1 child, until around 2012 and 2013, I only raised a lot. The characteristic of this species is beautiful color, thorns, cool bibs ”.

According to Tan, this animal has a “third eye”. Capital
On top of the South American dragon’s head, there is a retinal-like structure connected to the pineal gland in the brain. Or the possibility of falling from above without any harm. More specifically, they are also known as good divers without breathing when they have the ability to hold their breath until … 28 minutes.

Coming from the Caribbean pirates of South America, this pet is also known as Iguana, Vietnam called the South American dragon. The South American dragon is a large salamander, dressed in a dragon coat that resembles beehives on its cheeks.
Talking about how to take care of this animal, Mr. Tan said: “In the morning, I let them sunbathe for 2-3 hours, but before 10am; After they have gone to the toilet, take a shower and then gently feed. A beautiful South American dragon is assessed on many factors such as body, coveralls, spikes, colors, that is, the skin must be beautiful and vibrant and not defective (error here is scratched, nail or broken tail) ”.

Also according to Mr. Tan, usually South American dragons from 2 weeks to 1 month of age cost about 700,000 VND to 1.5 million VND / head, but the most expensive is the Golden Albino South American dragon which costs up to about 30 million dong / head. Because this is a mutant form and thousands of only one.

Thanks to his passion and understanding of this species, Mr. Tan took advantage of 20m2 of the house to build breeding facilities, breeding and propagating. Normally, South American dragons after age 2 can breed. Each reproduction takes 6 months, on average each lay from 50 eggs, but the hatching success rate is only 50%.

Mr. Tan shared: “The most difficult period is incubation, the right temperature and humidity to reduce loss. Farmers must choose good breeds and then coordinate with each other. Blue South American dragon costs 700,000 VND, 1.5 million red, hybrid between blue and red, the price will be about 1 million. I look forward to having a farm to expand and breed it ”.
It is known that with the gentle nature, IQ is nearly as high as a dog, this pet has been loved by many people. If well trained, after a while they can identify their names and follow their owner’s instructions.