Three times changed the way the owner of Mobile World manages

Over 15 years of development, Mobile World undergoes three different stages, and Mr. Nguyen Duc Tai also changes management times three times.

There are many models of governance, with the background of the leader’s directions, but the root is still “tri-tam”, including human values, rule of law and technocrat. Human values ​​are understood as taking people as the root, rule of law is the principle, rules, and technocracy focuses on science and technology.

Particularly for Mr. Nguyen Duc Tai, Chairman of the Mobile World Management Association (MWG), “tam tri” is operated alternately with the development of enterprises, with a focus on measures to win people’s hearts.

Mobile World from a company of only a few dozen people to a size of more than 55,000 people, valued at over US $ 2 billion today, according to Nguyen Duc Tai, is a journey of transformation of governance thinking.

Recalling the beginning of his career, Mr. Tai said it took more than a year to think and find suitable business models. By mid-2004, he started preparing for the birth of Mobile World after what he called jokingly “a period of conspiracy.”

The first half year with a business model was always a vital stage, and the company was no exception. “It was the most tiring period,” Tai said. In the second half of 2004, when the company came into operation, the company “burned” billions of dong in just one month, and after that, “spent a few billions more and burned it up”.

Recalling then, Mr. Tai said, the leaders themselves like him did not understand what it meant to be humanitarian, nor money to invest in technocrat.

“When Mobile World was young, Tai and some people just thought about how to write a process, in their minds, they just thought of winning or losing. Those who are the best, they are entitled to do everything and be rewarded, who It is like a stick and a carrot policy, “he recalled.

If the rule of law is the “root” for the company to overcome the initial difficult period, then when Mobile World moves to the second, larger scale, the “human rights” will become the mainstream. .

The biggest move in the management mindset of the head of Mobile World took place in 2009 – a time when the chain was having a nationwide coverage.

“At that time, I always felt a phenomenon, at this company only a few people were always pensive, thinking about the development, while the remaining few thousand, they came here just because they needed a job. , go to work and get a pay. They don’t worry about how Mobile World develops, “recalls Tai. “At that time, I realized that the law and technology did not create a genuine smile for employees. The machine could not distinguish between genuine and genuine smiles.”

Laying the ground for the humanitarian, Mr. Nguyen Duc Tai believes that most employees, regardless of the position, want to eat real, do real.

“You hear a lot of real food, lie, but we believe that everyone wants to do real, real food. Labor relations is trading. One person buys labor, one sells labor.” If one wants to buy cheaply, one wants to buy cheaply, one has to have a trick, the other person wants to sell expensive must play tricks and businesses will then be full of tricks. “, Mr. Tai talk. “As long as you change that relationship to a companion, the business will go very fast.”

The company then had a series of policies to support employees, lending employees to buy a house, buy a car, no interest, no strings attached. “If I like it, I stay, if I don’t like it, I can go at any time, that’s the difference between compassionate treatment and technology to keep people,” said MWG President.

The third turning point in the management mind of Mobile World boss is when the size of the company has become too large, hungry for the involvement of technocrats.

Mr. Tai said, in the first years of operation, each month the company recruited only a few dozen, many hundreds of people, this number was in control of the human resources department, but when the scale of Mobile World became too large. , the number of new recruits per month to thousands of people, at that time technocrat is essential.

Currently, the screening of records in Mobile World is done by machines, President of MWG also did not hide his dream to “mechanize” all the remaining stages, from face recognition to evaluation. employee smile. But Tai also warned, technocracy is not a picture full of pink. One of the greatest risks, which he himself has encountered, is the temptation of too many technologies.

“Don’t be fooled by the idea that technocrat can cover 100%, because at the time, you’re very tempted by technology, which is extremely costly. We used to measure the smile of every employee, but then you have to rethink if it’s really necessary. When you are faced with the temptation of technocrats, choosing what to leave is an extremely important factor, “Tai said. that technocracy must come from the real needs of the business, not the seller of the technology.

Summarizing the development process of Mobile World, Mr. Tai himself admits that sometimes he does not care about what is “the three values”, the human values, the rule of law, the actual change is required. of governance for each stage of business development. Each time frame sets out problems that affect the survival of the business, at which time the management mindset of the leader must change.