Thought brain headache brain tumor

ANH Claire Curtis 30 years old, thought he had a headache after birth should take painkillers, then doctors diagnosed with brain tumor.

Claire is the mother of two children, working at a kindergarten. Claire started having a headache in April 2018 after giving birth to her son Charlie, so he thinks the pain is due to fatigue. She often wakes up at 4 am and has dizziness and vomiting.

In August 2018, an MRI scan revealed Claire had a brain tumor. She completely collapsed, thinking she would die leaving the children.
On October 2, 2018, Claire was awakened by a surgeon to cut the tumor. Three days after surgery, the brain tumor was diagnosed with a degree of malignancy. Claire underwent radiation therapy for six and a half weeks and one year of chemotherapy.

Claire shared, the disease is not completely cured, the problem is when it will return and that is the most difficult thing.

“I was undergoing chemotherapy and my four-year-old daughter Millie asked why my hair was falling out. I told her I had a problem in mind and Millie accepted it. She was too young to understand everything.” “said the mother.

Claire shared that she was young and strong so she hoped to live another 40-50 years. Doctors conduct an MRI scan of Claire every 3 months to monitor brain status.

“My job now is to try to create more memories with my family and hope to marry the father of my two children next year,” Claire said.
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