Therapy helps the boy to be 10 cm taller

HANOI The 20-year-old boy who came to Nam Hoc and Rare Hanoi Hospital underwent physiological examination because he was 1.5m tall, his genitals were like a 10-year-old child.

More than a year ago, the young man recruited for military service did not have physiological health conditions, the doctor advised him to see a male doctor.

“I was shy before, so I didn’t dare to talk about this with my parents,” he said.

Doctor Nguyen Ba Hung, examined the patient, determined the age of 20 penises and the boy’s body was only equivalent to a 10-year-old boy. He has not had the phenomenon of puberty, so the activity of the penis is not activated, the foreskin is fully covered, there is no sperm. The patient was diagnosed with secondary genital failure.

Secondary hypogonadism is a condition in which the reproductive organs (testes) cannot develop due to the lack of gonadotropic hormones from the pituitary gland and the hypothalamus. The cause may be due to pathology of the pituitary gland, hypopituitarism, pituitary adenoma, pharyngeal tumor, protein increase or genetic diseases, gene mutations, intoxication …

Genital insufficiency can occur at any stage of body development. In case of pre-pubertal disease, the body develops partially, the genital organ is less likely to be pediatric, and the treatment is easier. Patients with hypogonadism during pregnancy are born with undeveloped penises, growing up with no physiological needs, height not developing. The treatment in this case is difficult, the patient is difficult to have children.

Patients were appointed to use hormone replacement therapy by Dr. Hung. After 3 months, the body changes markedly, is bigger and stronger, improves the size of the genitals.

The patient is instructed by the doctor on how to use the medicine, diet, activities and exercise for optimal body development. Six months later, the boy rose 6 cm taller, physiological health progressed well.

“The most important thing is that the patient has a dreamy phenomenon, a normal physiological sign in the man,” Dr. Hung said. A semen sample test detects sperm movement and movement. The doctor took frozen sperm for patients, to serve the needs of childbirth later.
After more than a year of treatment, the patient is 10 cm taller, and the height is 1.6 m. Penis size as well as physiological development as a normal person.

The patient is still taking hormone replacement therapy. In October, he took a second physical examination and recruited for military service.

Gonadotropic hormone supplementation is not the only cure for hypogonadism. However, according to Dr. Hung, when determining the right disease and the wishes of the patient, the doctor will choose appropriate hormone therapy. The advantage of this method is to achieve multiple goals, that is, the patient can both cure genital failure, increase height and activate as well as preserve fertility, masculine characteristics. The cost of hormone therapy is not high.

Dr. Hung advises that when there are physiological abnormalities such as penis, testicular growth retardation, no sperm … patients should see a male doctor early for timely treatment.