The world’s lightest twins miraculously survive

The twins were born less than 500 grams, as small as a bottle of water, and were completely discharged from the hospital.

Joe Keates and Ashley Keates were born on April 16, at the 23rd gestation week. Southmead Hospital Doctor, Bristol City, predicted the chances of both babies being only 1%.

Before that, the Keates family was extremely eager to welcome the birth of the twins. However, until the 17th week of pregnancy, the mother of two children, Talia Keates, showed signs of abnormalities, the doctor advised to suspend the pregnancy.

Not long after that, Talia gave birth to risky Joe and Ashley. Two children were specially cared for in 129 days incubator.

Both had preterm infections, were diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension and had to be isolated from their parents.

“At first, I was not allowed to touch the children. The doctor said this would hurt because their skin was too thin. I had to wait 5 weeks to hold my baby on my lap,” Talia said.

When the condition was stable, the twins were transferred to a hospital near their home, but still needed oxygen. Joe and Ashley are discharged after 7 months, their health is completely normal.

Parents call their two children “miracles” of the family. According to experts, the survival rate of male premature births is often lower than that of females. Joe and Ashley are extremely rare cases.

“This is a heartbreaking experience, but we are truly grateful that the children are still here. This brings our family closer together,” the twins’ father said. The Keates family also said that there was a long way to go and the regular inspections. Currently, Joe and Ashley are fine. The two boys began to giggle.