The ‘verbal’ times of BMW and Mercedes

The two rivals from Germany have had at least 3 times poking each other’s hometown, and maybe the pranks will not stop.

BMW was born 103 years ago, and Mercedes has 136 years of history. The two compatriot carmakers are puffed up rivals in the luxury car segment, the competition is fierce, not only in the market, but also reflected in each other’s taunts.

On March 7, 2016, BMW celebrated its 100th anniversary. On this occasion, Mercedes sent greetings with a prank message. The 3-pointed star logo maker made a short video with the words “Thank you for competing in the last 100 years”, but don’t forget to include the line “30 years ago it was a bit boring”.
With this wish, Mercedes implies that even though BMW is 100 years old, it is still much younger when the company is 130 years old. Mercedes was founded in 1886 while BMW was born in 1916.

On May 22, Dieter Zetsche ended more than 13 years of running Mercedes as CEO and chairman of Daimler’s parent company. On this occasion, BMW sent a short video to Mercedes as a tribute to the retired 66-year-old captain with the message “swirling” opponents.

“Thank you, Dieter Zetsche,” said BMW, “for many years the rival that inspired BMW.” Before the video ended, the CEO also nicknamed Dr Z drove the BMW i8 Roadster, a hobby that had been hidden for years for working for Mercedes. The implied message is “Finally free.” This image is most likely the product of montage techniques.

In fact, Zetsche has not yet retired. He is expected to sit in the chair of Daimler’s supervisory board in 2021.

On Halloween, BMW posted a picture of a Mercedes covered with a picture of BMW with the caption “every car can dress up as a favorite superhero”. The work of photo editing technology was shared by the Bavarian car company on Twitter on October 31.

It can be seen that the reveal is aimed at the mid-range AMG version of Mercedes. Accompanying the post is the message “happy Mercedes USA Halloween.” The three-pointed star automaker answered, “It’s beautiful, it’s a scary outfit, especially the new grille.” Mercedes intends to tease the new design of BMW, because on Halloween, people often dress up as demons.

Earlier, when the upgraded X7 or 7 series launched, BMW’s grille design became bigger and more controversial. Concept 4 at the Frankfurt 2019 auto show almost became a drop of water. The grille of the concept car occupies most of the front of the car commented by Car (UK) as two “looming” kidneys with a “weird” serrated pattern.

But BMW and Mercedes are not rivals who fight over words. BMW and Audi have constantly used billboards to attack each other. Congratulatory letters are also the preferred method.

Advertising clips are another way to compete. Jaguar used to make a video of its signature newspaper, which swallowed a chicken Mercedes used to simulate body stabilization technology.
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