The strange snail is only for ornamental purposes, the price of 2-3 million / Vietnamese people still pour money to buy

This special type of snail makes many people scour to buy even for millions of dong each.

The type of snail referred to here is the soul-borrowed snail, also known as the hermit crab, the resident crab. The reason they have this special name is because the species has an asymmetrical abdomen that got into an empty snail’s shell and carried it when it moved.

Knowing that the soul borrowed 5-6 years ago, Nguyen Hong Kim Phung (2005, Vinh Long) spent a small amount of money to buy 2-3 children at the school gate to play. Price only about 5,000 – 20,000 VND / child. At that time, the snail was not popular in the market, few players and not much information about this type. After that, all the Phung snails bought died because she did not know how to take care of them.
“I had to research and learn a lot. Even, I have to go to foreign websites to translate instructions on how to raise and take care of snails. After a while, I got to know this species and started selling it, ”Kim Phung said.

In July 2017, the young girl started selling online and opened a store with the desire to share her experience of raising and caring for snails to be raised as widely and popularly as other pets. Unexpectedly, the business is favorable, Kim Phung has money to pay for schooling and a part of supporting her parents.

The young lady said that the soul borrowed from her soul is actually very easy to raise, not as hard as people think. This line lived shallow and omnivorous, without any disease. At first, because they did not understand them, Kim Phung let them live in the water and died.

Food is also easy to find, from vegetables to meat, they are edible. Snails also do not eat soul often, 2 times a day for feeding in the evening. And especially, the care does not take too much time because they can be kept in a tank and 6 months will clean their habitat once …

According to Kim Phung, there are many different types of shellfish, both domestic and imported. And each type is different in color, more, burning legs, beard, eyes … so will bring different beauty. However, the soul snail borrowed in our country is always cheaper than imported snails.

“Domestic snails can cost only 5,000 VND / unit, or several tens to several hundred thousand VND each. But the imported species can cost up to 2-3 million VND / head, there are still many buyers. Even, many customers also buy dozens of screws to abandon the aquarium glass aquarium, “Phung said.
The young girl also said that many times when the goods were scarce, customers had to wait to buy. “Those are when there are storms, snails cannot be caught, so the goods are not available to pay for customers,” she said.

Kim Phung’s business gradually expanded over time. Currently, she sells in bulk to many stores across the country. This business of her also received the support of her parents so everything went smoothly and smoothly.