The sperm donor gave birth to 110 children who were forced to be identified

ANH Watersy 35 years ago anonymously donated sperm to create 110 children, suddenly 2 people came to see him to receive his father.

They found Andy using a home DNA test kit, then compared the DNA through a fee-based website.

Andy, 54, started donating sperm at the age of 19 to witness the pain of his friend’s infertile family.

In 2005, English law allowed children conceived by donated sperm / eggs to receive information about their parents when they were 18 years old. But even before the law allows it, the identity of the donor can easily be found through the website, according to the Human Embryology and Reproduction Authority (HFEA).

After meeting his two sperm-born children, Andy decided to fill in his sperm donation application form so that the following children could find him.

“It’s time to let our kids know where they come from, before they have to find and hate us for it,” Andy said.
HFEA said, from 2010 until now, the number of people asked to know the identity of biological parents increased by 200%. HFEA President Sally Cheshire said: “We are working with this website, want them to state on the website the risks that may be encountered when using DNA reference services, and give instructions to support their users “.

In 2016, there were 3 million people using home DNA testing, currently up to 30 million, with an estimated 100 million users by 2021. Ms. Sarah Norcross, Director of the Progress Educational Trust, said: “This is a warning to those involved in egg / sperm donation. The donor cannot be anonymous anymore. It’s important now. is adequate and adequate support to those affected “.