The rich spend tens of billions to buy purebred dogs

Prices for pet dogs are at an all-time high, and so is demand. In 2017, the number of pet dog registrations in households increased by 7%.

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How much do you love dogs? Would you love to spend $ 1.9 million (~ 44 billion VND) to buy a dog? This is the price a Tibetan mastiff was sold in 2014. For pet owners and owners, taking care of their dogs becomes a lifelong passion.

Every year, more than 21,500 dogs from 43 different countries participate in the Crufts pet dog contest. At this competition, you can find some of the most sought after dogs in the world: Akita, Chow Chow, Löwchen and Samoybed. In addition, you can find hundreds of different dog supplies, accessories and fashion items for your dogs. The value of the pet product and service market in the UK is forecast to reach £ 2.1 billion by 2023.

According to Caroline Kisko, Secretary of the Breed Dog Club in the UK, many people invest millions of dollars just to hunt for a purebred pet dog because they think the characteristics they own are unique in the world. In fact, the most beautiful and the most purebred purebred dog at the Crufts contest received only the Best in Show trophy and a modest prize of £ 100 (nearly 3 million VND), however the payouts of The rich world for this dog after the new competition is a shocking number.

The passion for keeping a pet dog also helps save dog breeds that are in danger of disappearing. The Löwchen is a small breed of dogs worth up to $ 10,000 each, dating back to about 1442. But by 1944, they became extremely rare. The Madame Bennert breeder brought them back from the brink of extinction, and in 1971, the Löwchen Club of America was founded.

However, many reports in the world reveal the cruelty of humans after breeding dogs. In 2018, thousands of Tibetan Mastiffs were abandoned in China after being bred. The world’s most sought after dog due to its rarity and distinctive features – once sold for $ 1.9 million – now no one wants to adopt.

Fashion elements and beautiful photos also play a big part in a dog’s worth. The Instagram social network is filled with pictures of Tibetan mastiffs, huskies, shiba inu, chow chow and akita, which has gradually become a market for people to pay a price and find their favorite dog.