The owner of the illegal land plot simultaneously broke down the infrastructure

BINH THUAN More than a dozen land plots in Phan Thiet and suburban areas have removed their electric poles and illegally built roads on agricultural land.

Five months ago, through a real estate trading floor in Phan Thiet, Ms. Pham Thi Tuong Vy bought a land plot of 1,000 m2 for VND 500 million at a land plot project in Hamlet 7, Ham Duc, Ham Thuan Bac district.

Last weekend, visiting the land, Ms. Vy could not believe her eyes. All roads in the project have been raked up, covered with a layer of red sand. The land lot has subdivision roads, which is now a wasteland filled with traces of excavation. “Seeing a nice road I just bought to build a garden villa later, unexpectedly this is an illegal project,” Vy said.

The lot that Ms. Vy bought is in the area of ​​5 adjacent land plot projects in hamlet 7 which has been administratively sanctioned by Ham Duc commune authorities. At the beginning of the road, a warning board in red with yellow letters has just appeared with the content: “Currently in the area of ​​village 7 – Ham Duc commune, the State does not have the policy of planning on land plot subdivision, suggesting to organize , households, individuals are alert when making transaction contracts “.

About 3 km away, on the road Trien – Ta Zon, a warning board was also erected right at the junction of the road to the melaleuca forests of villages 5 and 6 – where there are two illegal projects of Mr. Nguyen Tan Quyen and Nguyen Tan Quarter (HCMC). Farmers nearby said that since the day the commune had installed the warning board, they could no longer see cars coming in and out and asking for land.

In Ham Duc commune, there are 7 illegal land plot projects (total area of ​​46 ha) that have been built for roads. Despite requiring 90% of the landowners to dismantle themselves, the commune government acknowledged “there was a deficiency” in the management. Because when the roads are done, the commune will know and make a record of the violation. Mr. Nguyen Trong Linh, Vice Chairman of the Commune People’s Committee said: “The area is large, those places are 7-8 kilometers away from the center of the commune, so we were unable to prevent it from the beginning.”

Also according to Mr. Linh, when individuals split the parcels, unusually merge the plot on the status of agricultural land, each area was divided into dozens of plots with an area of ​​1,000-2,000 m2; then there are plots only 5-7 m wide but more than 100 m long (to make roads), but Ham Thuan Bac Land Register Office did not catch and timely information. Therefore, the commune is also passive and confused in its management.

Besides Ham Duc, up to now, other communes of Ham Thuan Bac district bordering Phan Thiet (such as Ham Thang, Ham Liem, Ham Hiep …) also simultaneously put up warning boards in places where there is a semi-ground plots project. contrary to planning. In Ham Hiep commune, in addition to putting up boards, the Commune People’s Committee also asked the illegal project owner “Dai Loc Garden” (Ms. Dinh Thi Diem Chau) to drive a truck to break down illegal roads on a 10-hectare crop land. .

Faced with the situation of land subdivision, Ham Thuan Bac District People’s Committee has requested the Economic – Infrastructure Department, District Tax Department, Branch of Land Registration Office to strengthen the land management and construction order. in the whole area. “Illegal projects are being coerced, the district is determined to rectify and strictly handle violations and remedy consequences,” said Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Thach, Vice Chairman of the District People’s Committee.

In Phan Thiet City, while the case of land management violations has not been resolved, recently in Thien Nghiep commune (where the Phan Thiet Airport project is located), there have been 4 illegal asphalt roads (total dimensions). nearly 2 km long) on ​​agricultural land, outside the local planning. After the press reflected, only Tran Thi Kim Yen left the bulldozer to remove the 640-meter-long, 7-meter wide asphalt road and uproot all the electric poles along the way.

The remaining three landowners include Mr. Dang Hong Phong (705 m road), Ms. Dang Thi My Hanh (475 m road), and Tran Thi Ngoc Hue (115 m road) that have not been completely settled. Mr. Nguyen Nam Long, Vice Chairman of Phan Thiet City People’s Committee, said that the city’s point of view is to finish this November. “The head of the commune must be accountable to the city leader if the situation is complicated,” Mr. Long said.

Binh Thuan Provincial People’s Committee admits that some localities still have loose status in land management, leading to a number of organizations and individuals arbitrarily making roads on agricultural land in contravention of planning and use plans. land; implement the consolidation, split the parcel to sell the plot.

Speaking to VnExpress in the afternoon of November 21, Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Hai, Chairman of Binh Thuan People’s Committee, said that he directed the Department of Natural Resources and Environment to coordinate with the Provincial Inspectorate and relevant branches to set up an interdisciplinary team. The provincial police sent scouts to monitor and grasp the situation to early propose measures to prevent hot spots on land and real estate.

“We are conducting a general review. Individuals, authorities, units at any level loose management, the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Committee will handle to the place,” Hai said.

Previously, from the beginning of 2016 to September 2018, through inspection, Phan Thiet City People’s Committee was discovered to change the land use purpose from agriculture to rural land on 160 plots with a total area of more than 19

Trước đó, từ đầu năm 2016 đến tháng 9/2018, qua công tác thanh tra, UBND TP Phan Thiết đã bị phát hiện cho chuyển đổi mục đích sử dụng đất từ nông nghiệp sang đất ở nông thôn trên 160 thửa với tổng diện tích hơn 190.000 m2 tại 3 xã: Thiện Nghiệp, Tiến Lợi và Phong Nẫm không đúng quy hoạch và kế hoạch sử dụng đất đã được tỉnh phê duyệt, trong đó có 139 thửa trái với Luật Đất đai.

Việc cho phép tách thửa trái quy định đã tạo điều kiện cho các cá nhân lợi dụng thực hiện phân lô bán nền, hình thành các khu dân cư tự phá vỡ quy hoạch đất đai, quy hoạch xây dựng, gây thất thoát cho ngân sách nhà nước. Ngày 23/7, Cơ quan Cảnh sát điều tra Công an tỉnh đã khởi tố vụ án hình sự “Vi phạm các quy định về quản lý đất đai”.

Ông Trần Hoàng Khôi, Phó chủ tịch UBND TP Phan Thiết cùng hai cấp dưới là Phạm Thanh Thái (Trưởng phòng Tài nguyên và Môi trường) và Lê Hoàng Anh Tân (chuyên viên Phòng Tài nguyên và Môi trường Phan Thiết) đã bị khởi tố, bắt giam ngày 12/9. Công an Bình Thuận đang tiếp tục điều tra một số lãnh đạo, cán bộ khác có liên quan trong vụ án này.

Hôm 15/11, Thường trực Ủy ban Kiểm tra Tỉnh ủy đã triển khai quyết định, kế hoạch xem xét, thi hành kỷ luật đối với 5 đảng viên thuộc khối Đảng bộ thành phố Phan Thiết do có khuyết điểm, sai phạm liên quan đến công tác chỉ đạo, quản lý đất đai. Tổ kiểm tra sẽ hoàn chỉnh kết quả báo cáo Ủy ban Kiểm tra Tỉnh ủy trong tháng 12 tới.

Riêng ông Nguyễn Ngọc Hải và ông Nguyễn Hữu Hoành đã bị Giám đốc Sở Tài Nguyên và Môi trường Bình Thuận cách chức Giám đốc và Phó giám đốc Chi nhánh Văn phòng Đăng ký đất đai Phan Thiết ngày 1/11.