The iPhone 12 idea has the same design as the iPhone 4

Fans expect the iPhone 12 will have a metal frame design like the iPhone 4 with two glass sides and a 4-camera cluster.

The iPhone 11 has only been sold for less than half a month but rumors and drawings for the iPhone 12 have appeared. Phonearena called it “the most awaited iPhone upgrade after years” if it becomes a reality.

The device has a square metal frame design similar to the iPhone 4 instead of the rounded form like iPhone X or iPhone 11. However, some technology experts believe that this design with large screen models will create a sense of need. hands when holding.

The square camera cluster is similar to the iPhone 11 Pro but has 4 cameras instead of 3. In addition to the normal, super wide-angle and telephoto cameras, the camera has an additional depth-of-field camera.

The Apple logo is still in the middle and there is no longer the words iPhone on the back.

The device retains the notch design but is smaller than the iPhone 11 Pro Max. The surrounding edges are also made thinner.
Previously, the iPad Pro had a design similar to the iPhone 4 with a square metal frame. Technology experts therefore believe that the iPhone 12 to follow this style is entirely possible