The girl stopped her heart at the hospital gate

Thai Oanh, 12 years old, crossed a distance of 180 km on an ambulance to the hospital gate, stopped breathing due to acute myocarditis, the risk of death is very high.

Doctors of the Children’s Hospital 1 and Cho Ray have been waiting for the patients, constantly updating the disease situation in the hours before the child is admitted. Baby purple, breathless on the way, the ambulance was stuck in traffic for more than half an hour, which made the crew very worried. Until about 21:00 at night, 10/25, the car arrived.

Oanh was taken directly into the Department of Resuscitation, intubation to help breathing, massage the heart outside the chest and use drugs to stimulate the heart to work again. Cardiologists place temporary pacemakers while resuscitators perform ECMO (external body oxygen exchange).

Oanh is diagnosed with fulminant myocarditis, a type of disease that can lead to cardiogenic shock with an extremely serious course with a high prognosis of death. Before the referral, the patient had fainting, drowsiness, and a slow heart rate of 26 beats per minute. The hospital in Binh Thuan gave me oxygen and intravenous medication.

Associate Professor Pham Van Quang, Head of the Department of Positive and Poisoning Resuscitation, Children’s Hospital 1, said that after about one hour of recovery, the baby’s heart beat and the hemodynamic condition improved. However, in the next 48 hours, the patient’s heartbeat was continuously disturbed. Doctors must use many antiarrhythmic drugs, vasoconstrictor drugs to stabilize the heart muscle contraction function and ECMO machine to help children overcome the danger.

After 6 days, myocarditis stabilized gradually, myocardial contractility function was good, and the patient received an external oxidation machine. Today, baby awake, normal heart function, eat well. The most fortunate is that even though she stopped her heart for a considerable time, she has no sequelae.

Myocarditis is difficult to detect when the onset of symptoms is very vague, easily confused with other simple illnesses like fever.

Patients with viral myocarditis often have mild fever, fatigue, shortness of breath, cold hands and feet. The disease worsens extremely quickly and seriously, and must be taken to the emergency hospital promptly. In late October, two patients with acute myocarditis in Hanoi were not as lucky as Oanh, who died shortly after the initial symptoms of fever.