The girl snores abnormally due to cancer

ANHImogen Gunn, 8 years old, suddenly snoring horribly while sleeping, the family member checked to see that the part of the chicken tongue in her throat was swollen.

Imogen’s mother took her to Raigmore Hospital in Inverness, the doctor determined that she had connective tissue cancer and had a throat tumor. Imogen underwent several hours of surgery to remove the tumor, then chemotherapy at Aberdeen and Manchester hospitals.

Imogen had the last chemotherapy dose on October 31 and has now returned to Aberdeen Hospital for the final treatment.

The whole family is looking forward to Imogen coming home for Christmas this year. Imogen’s mother said: “She fought very well with the disease. She was like a warrior.”

Connective tissue cancer is a rare cancer that forms in soft tissue, namely skeletal muscle tissue or sometimes in empty organs. Connective tissue cancer can occur at any age, usually affecting children.

Connective tissue cancer can develop anywhere in the body. Many cases of cancer develop in the head and neck area, urinary system like bladder, reproductive system like vagina, uterus or testes, hands and feet.