The girl raising pigs nearly 150kg as a pet, eat and sleep together, call the pig ‘child’

2 am, heard the pig wiggling because of hunger, Yen had to get up to feed him. Wait for the pig to finish eating, Yen let the pig drink water, wipe his mouth, then went to sleep.

The pig, called Bear, has been bought by Ms. Ngo Hoai Yen (now 28 years old, office worker) since June 2017. Yen said that when he first bought it, the Bear only weighed more than 1 kg. After nearly two years of being cared for by the owner, the Bear weighs nearly 1.5 quintals.

‘At the time of purchase, the seller introduced, the bear is a mini pig, like Mong Cai. Now I call him a dull pig, because it weighs three times my weight. I was fooled, ‘said Yen jokingly.

Tan Uyen, a native of Binh Duong, said that at first, she was talking about bringing her pig to everyone, saying she was ‘not normal’. But now, a lot of people like Bear because they think he’s smart, clean and likes to play with. Some of them even brought bear food and came to play with him.

‘Since the day of the Bear, my family has always been happy. Both Na (Yen’s dog) and the Bear play very well. Previously, every time I saw what I bought, Na was irritated, biting the injured animal or dying to bear it. Now, Big Bear and chubby, so Na knows very well, ”said Yen smiling.

Every time she came home from work, she cuddled, stroked, showered, groomed Bear. When going out, traveling Yen also buys gifts for pets. Gifts for him are candies, fruits, foods that Bear likes.
On June 30, 2018 one year Yen and the Bear were together. She bought a birthday cake, wrote ‘Happy Birthday Bear’, and then let him wear a hat, blow out the candles, take a picture and post it on his personal page to show to his friends, with the comment: ‘Today is very fun ‘.
Although very cute Bear, but Yen cried many times crying because of this pig. She said, “Anything you like, bear with you and can’t stand being hungry.” When Yen was not yet able to feed, he screamed and took out the muzzle to chew and chew whatever he saw in the house. ‘I was a bit negligent as it was destroyed,’ said Yen.
That is not to mention, Bear slept day and night, especially notes to sleep with the owner in the air-conditioned room, the sweet spot. ‘He wants to sleep under my feet, lying on his knees, looking very petite,’ the young girl said.

Not only that, Bear also eat not at the right time. Every day, the Bear ate three meals, 5 am, 7 pm and 12 pm. Many days he was too sleepy, he forgot to eat or did not eat, 2-3 hours in the morning, he wanted to eat.

Sleeping soundly, Yen had to wake up to bring bear food, because he did not want to hear him yelling and kicked his foot with his muzzle. After he finished eating, she had to wipe her mouth and clean the bear before going to sleep.

‘At first I was annoyed, but I’m used to it now. It is like that, but in return, it is very clean, ” Yen said. She also said that pigs are from 14-15 years old, if not sick or external effects.

‘I’ll raise it for the rest of my life. Later when I get married, I will not give up my child, ‘said Yen.

Yen also said that she bought the bear to raise not because of the current trend of raising pigs as pets, but because of predestination.