The flashlight exploded and crushed the boy’s hand

THANH HÓA Lang Van Nui, 9 years old, in Xuân Xuân district, was charging a flashlight when he heard a flat explosion and was about to unplug the lamp suddenly.

He suffered a hand injury, broken fingers and lost a lot of blood. He was transferred to Thuong Xuan District General Hospital for first aid and then transferred to Thanh Hoa Children’s Hospital on November 16. Due to the inability to preserve, the doctor was forced to cut off the affected area and create a missing wrist.

On 20/11, the patient’s health was stable and continued to be monitored for wounds.

Family members said that the exploding flashlight was a headlamp. The light was bought from a home appliance store more than a year ago, and it’s not clear where it was made.

The doctor recommends that devices such as phones, flashlights, iPads, music players, etc. are prone to fire and explosion problems while charging and using them. Therefore, used products need to ensure the origin, replacement accessories at reputable warranty and repair facilities .