The fish enters the lungs of the fisherman

THUA THIEN – HUE The 50-year-old man removed his fish from the net with his mouth. The fish shot straight into his throat, into his lungs.

On November 20, Hue Central Hospital said that it was a hard tube endoscopy, a foreign body picker was a catfish nearly 6 cm long from a patient’s left bronchus.

Earlier, at 3am on November 18, fishermen were hospitalized in a state of difficulty breathing, respiratory depression. According to family members, the previous night while fishing in Da Nang sea, the patient removed the fish from the net with his mouth. Unfortunately, the fish burrowed into the throat and then into the lungs, causing him to have shortness of breath.

After endoscopy, the patient was stable, he had a tracheotomy tube removed, the lungs got good ventilation and he could talk.