The faithful dog died tragically because he fought a poisonous snake to protect his owner

An 8-month-old pit bull dog in the US died after being bitten by a venomous snake four times in an attempt to protect the landlord’s children.

The dog named Zeus stormed until the coral snake faced the brothers Oriley and Orion. The children were cleaning a basin of water outside the house in Sumter County, Florida, USA.

The two children did not see the poisonous snake crawling towards them. Suddenly, Zeus saw it and attacked it.

The family quickly took the pet dog to Ocala Veterinary Hospital to be treated with anti-venom medication, but Zeus died in a critical condition the next day.

Mr. Richardson – the father of two children – said that Zeus has been with them since January and that he is ‘the most loyal dog I’ve ever known’. ‘I owe it to my son’s life.’
Immediately after being bitten by the snake, Zeus’s face quickly swelled up. And when Zeus raised his face, the body of a red, yellow, and black snake appeared.

Before his death, Zeus still managed to interact with the children and family members.

Their mother, Georgina Richardson, said: ‘He sacrificed his life to keep our son safe. I am forever grateful to Zeus for that. ‘