The couple suddenly ‘turned’ the millionaire in an instant just because they forgot to buy food for their cats

Surely after this, the pet cat of the Andrew couple will become the ‘mascot’ of the house for you to see, because thanks to it that Andrew suddenly took a ‘step on the flavor’, became a millionaire in a snap.

According to the original mission, Mr. Andrew had to buy food for the Shortcake cat but when he drove to the local gas station, he completely forgot about it and instead bought a box of Whiskas food for cats, this man. buy a Monopoly Millionaire lottery card worth more than VND 140,000.

Mr. Andrew said: “We were busy working for 12 hours and forgot to buy food for the cat so I rushed to buy it. The plan was to fill up the car and buy food. But while paying the gas I bought another scratch card and went to the car to sit in. At that time, I realized that I had forgotten to buy cat food … I thought it was too late to go back and bought it later. a duck – a symbol of luck – and could not believe what I was seeing. I checked it many times and started to feel hot when I knew I was winning the prize. “

After realizing that he had won a great deal, Mr. Andrew drove home immediately, of course not to buy pet food for cats, to inform the good news for the whole family. Paula, 43, Andrew’s wife, said: “He went home and shouted, ‘Paula, Xavier, come quickly’. We ran to him and saw him standing there with his hands in the air, shouting,” I won 1 million. ” This board ‘.’ I was surprised to look, did not forget to ask ‘Are you sure? Give it here’. Andrew replied ‘I know the principle of scratch cards”.

The company that issued the scratch card also confirmed that Andrew and his wife had won a valid £ 1 million prize. Everyone was happy, partying until the morning, and Shortcake the cat, despite being hungry for “ nice butter ” about buying food, eventually received another box of ham for consolation as well as Thanks, if not for Shortcake being hungry, Mr. Andrew might not have won a jackpot.

So from now on, the 6-year-old cat will definitely not worry about being short of food any more and, in the words of the lucky couple, it will “live a good silk life”, every day will be served meals. eat first class. As for the Andrew and Paula families, after that fateful day 24/7, they will have money to pay off a mortgage loan, buy a new home, buy a new phone for their children and go to the Tokyo Olympics. Life will be better for both ‘sen’ and ‘boss’.