The boy in Hanoi was mentally ill because of game addiction

21-year-old patient Minh, lethargic due to game addiction, hospitalized for sedation therapy and possibly electric shock.

“At home, my grandchildren stayed in his room, didn’t wake up, or skipped meals, had a day to play until 4:00 in the morning,” said the father, when he took his child to the Military Hospital 103 today. Minh has been playing games continuously for 5 years, often dropping out of school to play games, playing 8-10 hours a day.

“Every time my parents told me I was angry, I was crazy, one day I broke things around and left my house to play outside,” the father said.

Doctors said patients showed signs of depression, mental disorders due to game addiction. The boy was transferred to the Department of Psychiatry for treatment.

Doctor Cao Tien Duc, who directly examined patients, said that Minh was seriously addicted to the internet, manifested by slow communication, poor memory, low voice, exhausted body … Treatment regimen Minh’s boarding includes tranquilizers, daily antidepressants, vitamins, and brain maintenance. If the condition does not improve, you will have to use electric shock therapy.

The World Health Organization (WHO) introduces Internet addiction, games into the group of mental disorders, characterized by persistent, recurring play behavior. Game addicts have difficulty controlling game levels (such as frequency, intensity, time, context), even losing control over gaming.

The symptoms of gaming addiction can be observed, such as children can not escape the temptation to play games, have decided to play the game or not, when to stop … At the beginning, you want to play 1-2 hours, about after 7-8 hours. When not allowed to play, patients show signs of irritability, verbal abuse, strong reactions to relatives, and even cases of threatening suicide.

The second symptom is like depression. Game addicted mood decreases, interest loses interest in everything, people are tired, eat and sleep erratically, causing significant decline in professional, academic and social functions. When asking patients directly about gaming, they often tend to talk about the time they spend using the game.

A person who is addicted to games will lead to a change in motor psychology, including agitation, slow movement, sluggish communication, low voice, low number of languages, poor content, even not speaking. In addition, patients with memory disorders.

According to the German doctor, the treatment time of game addicts is hard to tell. When discharged, patients can still relapse. Therefore, the family needs to manage the use of phones, internet access devices … to train their children to a healthy lifestyle and monthly mental health checkups.