The boy has a big herringbone fragment

DONG NAIXThe 4cm long angled fish in the esophagus entangled the boy, making it hard to breathe and bleeding.

A 10-year-old male patient in Dong Nai was admitted to Dong Nai Children’s Hospital in a state of pain in the neck, unable to turn his head and neck, continuously vomiting heavily on the evening of November 4.

Fish bones were removed from boys’ esophagus in Dong Nai. Photo: Phuoc Tuan
Fish bones were removed from the boy’s esophagus. Photo: Phuoc Tuan.

The doctor found out that the child had a large object, located deep in the feeding line. Conducting laparoscopic surgery, the doctor discovered the object was a fish gill bone, with a size of 2×4 cm with many complex angles, the object is located 25 cm from the arch of the tooth.

Doctor Ngo Van Phan, head of the Department of Otolaryngology, said the object is large in size, with complex angles so it is easy to tear the esophagus from the bottom to the top and surrounding organs.

“When a child fails, he or she constantly vomits blood, if it is not removed in time, it is likely to cause complications of esophagitis, esophageal abscess, mediastinal abscess (heart, trachea, chest … .) a high risk of death, “said Dr. Phan.