The ‘book’ guides the success of co-founders Netflix

When Netflix co-founder Marc Randolph, 21, just graduated, he was given a list of tips to succeed by his father.

Randolph is now 61 years old and still keeps this list to this day. “I passed the advice to my kids and the original was hung right next to my bathroom mirror,” co-founder of Netflix wrote on LinkedIn.

The father reminded Randolph that the principle of success was to do at least 110% of the effort on any task. Besides, never allow yourself to present subjective ideas as an obvious fact. He also advised Randolph not to hesitate to make decisions when considering the facts and it is best to quantify if possible …

Randolph always remembered his father’s advice. However, that did not help him become a millionaire in a day or two. Randolph didn’t even expect to be a technology entrepreneur.

He started his career as a real estate broker but was unsuccessful. He wrote on the blog: “When I was 23, I was probably the worst real estate broker in New York. I worked for my mother’s company in Chappaqua and had no clients to buy a home. For 8 months, I couldn’t sell any apartments, I could only rent one. “

Afterwards, Randolph moved to work as an assistant to the director of a music company. “Although it’s not a flashy job, here I have learned thousands of things: what a director does in 8 hours and what he does after work. I understand a CEO. good at prioritizing what jobs, the way he behaves with employees. And the most important thing is I have seen how a company really works in parts, “says Randolph.

This was really helpful when Randolph started creating Netflix at the age of 39 in 1997 and ran the company until 2003.

Besides following his father’s rules for success, Randolph advises young people to explore and learn from knowledgeable people. “If you apprentice with smart people and respect you, you will learn everything from them. You will learn their special language. You will see how talented people really work. Your interests will also surprise you and they will grow over time, “he wrote.

“And then you will be fully qualified to take advantage of every opportunity that comes to you in life,” said co-founder Randolph.
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