The advantages of the Suzuki Blind Van urban truck model

Suzuki Blind Van attaches great importance to transportation and comfort, minimizing operating costs for car owners.

Durable quality

Suzuki is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of light trucks, reflected in its sales in Carry trucks. Introduced for the first time in 1961, Super Carry Blind Van is known for its endurance, effective user support in the fields of agriculture, fisheries, construction and delivery. To date, Carry models have been sold in 145 countries with total sales of more than 2 million units.

Suzuki Blind Valve is locally assembled according to Japanese Suzuki quality standards. Powder coating chassis helps protect the vehicle surface, minimize rust, combined with suspension, super strong shock absorbers help reduce shock and increase durability. Thanks to the above factors, the Suzuki Blind Van has a service life of up to 25 years.

Low cost of use

Optimal fuel economy is also a highlight on the model. Vehicles using 4-cylinder engine block in line, 970cc capacity, with large capacity. In addition, the electronic fuel injection system helps increase energy efficiency, fuel efficiency, and environment friendliness (engines meet Euro 4 standards for emissions).

In addition, the cost of maintenance and maintenance for the vehicle is low. In addition to the 3-year, 100,000km warranty package, Suzuki Blind Van is also free of engine oil change, one-time refining and free maintenance three times with a reasonable spare parts price policy.

After sales service

In addition to upgrading product quality, Suzuki continues to make efforts and improve the quality of after-sales service. Not only creating a comfortable space at the system of 38 distribution agents nationwide, the Japanese car brand also organizes in-depth training sessions for technical and service personnel.

In addition, Suzuki also offers many incentive programs to help consumers can own cars more easily. Currently, customers who buy Suzuki Blind Van cars have a good opportunity during the year when Suzuki renews and increases the preferential rate of 0% interest rate in the first 6 months.

Suzuki Blind Van has a small turning radius (4.1m) that makes it easy to turn around in densely populated urban areas. In addition, the trunk of the Blind Van is designed as a back door that can be opened with sliding doors on both sides, convenient for loading and unloading goods in tight areas.

From September 26, Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee issued a decision regulating the time limit for freight cars and trucks to circulate in inner city areas. One of the vehicles not covered by this decision includes a van truck with a carrying capacity of less than 950kg. Suzuki Blind Van has a load of 580kg, so this model is allowed to circulate 24/24 in the downtown area.
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