The 9X team is especially dedicated to rescuing distressed animals

The Saigon Time Dog Rescue Group (SGT) with 8 boys and girls, joined by tens of thousands of followers, saved about 700 cats and dogs, and is directly caring for nearly 300 babies.

“See animals in distress – notify SGT!”

“Sai Gon Time, there is a baby dog ​​who is seriously injured lying on No Trang Long street, ward 12, Binh Thanh district, ask the association to take him to the vet soon.” “Around 10 am yesterday, my little cat strayed around Luu Huu Phuoc street, ward 15, district 8, asked the association to help me find you again” … – these are just two of many messages via Messenger received by the Saigon Time Dogs and Cats Rescue Group (SGT) daily.

The Saigon Time cat and dog rescue group – SGT has more than 97,000 followers and participates in the rescue network for animals in distress in Ho Chi Minh City and neighboring provinces. The group’s Facebook page is also a collection of rescue requests, pet searches, along with descriptions of the animals’ status and photos.

The administrator of this Facebook group is Tran Uyen Nhu, 28 years old, who for nearly 4 years has been with her boyfriend and 6 other volunteers who are dedicated to saving and caring for unfortunate “dogs” cats, cats and other animals have an accident.
As shared, the real workload is not small for a group of only 8 people. From receiving information, approaching the scene, rescuing and sending animals to medical treatment, to caring for and finding a new owner who truly loves them is an arduous journey.

Not only that, the cost of maintaining the operation is not small, including the cost of renting places, medical care and care for children. Volunteers in the group just had to go to work to collect money, and mobilize fundraising from the members. Uyen Nhu herself has to open a wedding photo studio to have more revenue for the group.

As said: “Early in the morning, I went to the afternoon to stop at the rescue station in two different districts for cats and dogs to eat and clean. After about two in the morning, I will finish. ”

So hard, but for the past 4 years, the SGT rescue team has not been discouraged. Love for the unfortunate fate animals has motivated the members to overcome and make extraordinary things. Each year, the relief team receives about 700 cats and dogs, and is now directly caring for nearly 300 children, most with serious illnesses such as polio, tumors … Thanks to SGT, owners hope to find them again. My lost pet.

Technology helps spread activities for the community

Everyday overcome difficulties on the journey to rescue and find joy from caring for and treating lovely animals, Nhu and the SGT members have more and more cherished and compassionate hearts the value of connecting and spreading information.

Accompanying SGT, is the vast social community of nearly hundred thousand members. People who are strangers from all over the country, but found in each other in common are animal love, the spirit of willingness to contribute, share information, and help the rescue process. These are small but meaningful supports, helping SGT’s operations to increase efficiency and become more known.

Uyen Nhu shared honestly that without Facebook, SGT would be hard to come up with and maintain its operation over the years. Thanks to Facebook, Nhu had the opportunity to reunite with her “associates” today. Thanks to social networks, SGT can connect with new friends both at home and abroad to share the same direction, build a solid foundation, help the group quickly receive the information requested for rescue. households, send out announcements calling for help, recruit volunteers, as well as fundraising, keep in touch and exchange with group members quickly, easily …

Nhu himself is not good at technology but thanks to a foreign friend instructing how to use the event feature, Nhu can now organize off-line events to find new owners for large numbers of animal members. to attend.

With Nhu, Facebook is like a wire connecting and spreading good things, contributing to changing the perception of many people about caring and treating pets in a more positive way. Thanks to that, aid groups such as SGT have been motivated, welcomed the sympathy of the community with their quiet but meaningful work.

On weekends or public holidays, instead of going out, dating with friends, volunteers share the joy of caring, bathing, playing with cats and dogs at the station. Just add one more successful treatment, find a nice new owner, you are happy.

The achievement of SGT is not only the number of animals in distress to be cured, but also the formation of a network connecting individuals to perform socially beneficial tasks. Activities of Facebook groups like Saigon Cat and Dog Rescue – SGT should be encouraged and supported by the community.