Test driving is not enough to decide to buy

Getting a lot of cars every day is different from going on a car every day, so it’s hard to decide on a good car.

Reading and sharing “Buy a car for yourself, why copy the crowd”? I see the problem here is the experience. The writer said the experience but in fact just a few dozen test drive a dozen kilometers and then have to pay the car to the agent. The author can not “lie” with the car for too long, the fact that the longer the car used, the more error occurred and the less desired.

Now buying in bulk is more important than a superficial experience at first. Take Vios as an example, if this car has minor faults or “the quality ratio brought to the price of the Vios is extremely low compared to other brands’ cars” as the writer wrote, it would not have sold so much. . If the car is really not good, users will warn themselves, simply do not buy anymore. There are many other Toyota models that sell very poorly, proving that they are not good or the price is too high.

For Vios cars, over ten years still dominate the market is the fact that the criticism mainly comes from the powerful “Korean fleet”. Are there any products that are not good, high-priced, inferior quality that can lead for more than a decade? Give me an example.