Terrifying: Scrounging in search of a firearm mat to be a ‘pet’

Pets are dogs, cats, pigs are so popular so today many people are hunting for strange animals to breed, to create a personality for themselves. In the United States, true flame is one of these options.

The flame-legged roller is the articulated leg from the island of Negros, Philippines. They often live in the rain forests of this Southeast Asian island nation.

Its life span is about 2 years. An adult canopy can be 10-11 cm long, about the size of an adult finger.

War foot male and female fire different in 2 main points: One is copulation, two are color characteristics of the foot.
Specifically, the male book has a sexual intercourse near the head area, between the legs are small distances while the female has the leg joints adjacent. In addition, the legs of the male mat are yellower and larger than the female’s.

With an eye-catching appearance, the foot-flare is popular with many Westerners, especially Americans, as pets.
The photo of the fire-legged photo shared by a pet raiser on Reddit quickly attracted the attention of netizens last week when it received more than 28,000 likes, more than 550 comments.

Another rolling species that has been chosen by many to be pets is the huge South African roll.

It is considered the largest rolling species in the world with the size of an adult can reach up to 30 cm and 300-400 feet lying along the body. The animal’s lifespan in the natural environment is about 5-7 years.

Unlike the Filipino, the African giant is finding its way by using its feet and body to feel its surroundings.