Take the dog to the doctor, shocked to know the male dog is also pregnant

After the examination for the pet dog, the veterinarian said that the Pomeranian squirrel dog is pregnant … making the boy surprised, stunned.

According to the information posted, the rare story happened in China. A young man with a fluffy dog, also known as a Pomeranian bulldog.

Capital dog pet very healthy, recently showing signs of anorexia, drowsiness, or vomiting. Loving the dog, the boy hurriedly took him to the local veterinary hospital for an examination.

Unexpectedly, after the examination for the pet dog, the veterinarian said that the male pet dog was pregnant, causing the boy to be surprised and stunned.
Unable to believe the results, the boy requested a re-examination, but the ultrasound was repeated many times, the doctor still confirmed that the pet dog was pregnant, without any confusion. The doctor himself was surprised, saying, for many years of practicing, this strange situation had never occurred.

This event made the guy extremely miserable, saying: “To be afraid of being affected, children are also unwell, telling me to feel like killing children. I really did not know that dogs males can become pregnant, in the end how to correct it? “
The story was then shared by the boy on social networks, attracting a lot of attention. Most people think that maybe the boy’s pet dog is yin-yang, or bisexual. Or maybe even before, the boy is still confused about his pet dog’s sex.