Sweet fruits of overseas Vietnamese 10 years expect their children

Many times infertility treatment failed in the US, Ms. Helen Thanh Nguyen did not dare to think she would have a lovely girl when she returned to Vietnam.

Meeting Dr. Hoang Thi Diem Tuyet, Director of Hung Vuong Hospital on the 15th anniversary of the establishment of the Faculty of Rarity late on the morning of November 3, Ms. Thanh moved to hug the doctor. A cute, hyperactive 22-month-old daughter is a miracle, a miracle for her and her husband after a 10-year journey to look forward to their children.

“Ordinary couples may not be able to understand the countless hardships experienced by infertile couples,” the 46-year-old mother said. She and her husband have injected sperm 3 times and once in vitro fertilization in the US but failed. At a late age, she did not dare to raise much hope for childhood laughter.
3 years ago, they returned to Vietnam to visit their hometown. Some friends at that time were treating infertility at Dr. Tuyet, advising her to try to find luck. The doctor poked 14 eggs, 9 of which were of good quality and fertilized 9 embryos. In February 2017, she transferred the embryo for the first time but failed.

“Although it was not the first time as expected, the dedication of the doctors made me more confident,” Thanh recalled. Undeterred, two months later she transferred the embryo a second time and waited nervously. The grandson went to see the results, so she heard that she was not mistaken.

Thinking that her child has not yet come, she broke up with her friends and family to return to America. “When sending a message to Dr Tuyet, the doctor sent the test results to congratulate me on pregnancy, I did not dare to believe, the feeling of joy was so broken, indescribable”, Ms. Thanh said.

The husband had to return to the United States to continue the work, and the pregnant woman left alone in Vietnam. Pregnant at an advanced age, the doctor ordered amniocentesis to test Down syndrome, screening for fetal abnormalities. Because she was so afraid, she thought that she would not poke amniotic fluid. With the encouragement of her husband from afar, she went to test and was lucky with everything normal. “When I received the results, I cried out of joy,” she said.

Ms. Thanh said the cost of a IVF in the US is about US $ 30,000, which is nearly 700 million VND. The cost of treatment in Vietnam is currently about VND 100 million, the success rate is high, bringing much joy to many infertile infertile couples.

Dr. Hoang Thi Diem Tuyet, Director of Hung Vuong Hospital, said that over the past 15 years, the hospital has helped over 2,000 couples to be natural parents. The success rate of in vitro fertilization in hospitals is 40-58%, equal to other countries in the world and in the region.

The hospital has a male department, specialized examination and treatment for male infertility patients, creating favorable conditions for couples. There are many high-tech supportive techniques in the labo, such as day 5 embryo culture, hatching, embryo biopsy, pre-implant genetic diagnosis (PGD), pre-multiple deflection testing (PGT). -A) …

On the morning of November 3, the hospital was bustling with laughter when hundreds of couples from all over the country took their children to the doctors’ reunion. Duong Thi Tam, 36, and her husband and 2-year-old son from Ha Tinh dive to Ho Chi Minh City. Desperate in their quest to find a child, they knew the information of the free hospital insemination for 20 disadvantaged couples. Luckily selected, she had a baby right when the first embryo transfer.

When transferring embryos on the 10th, buying a pregnancy test at home is only one bar so the couple does not raise hope. “On the 14th day of admission to the hospital, when I received the notice of pregnancy, the couple hugged and cried in front of the doctors,” she recalled.

The story of Ms. Ho Thi Hong, from Long Thanh, Dong Nai, is also very moving. The couple came to Hung Vuong Hospital after 7 years of infertility. After 3 times of sperm injection and 4 in vitro fertilization failed, you no longer had hope. Luckily at the 5th embryo transfer, she was pregnant with twins at the age of 34. Exceeding safety, currently the twin boys and girls of her growing up healthy, covert.

On this occasion, Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee awarded certificates of merit to the medical team of late Faculty Doctor. In 2018, the department was awarded the quality certificate for reproductive engineering (RTAC) of the Australian Reproduction Association, becoming one of the first 5 hospitals in the country to achieve this certification. From June 2019, Hung Vuong Hospital has been allowed by the Ministry of Health to carry out surrogacy for humanitarian purposes.