Successfully made artificial leather

SINGAPOREThe skin is made from donor skin cells and collagen, with the same chemical and biological properties as human skin, printed in less than a minute.

Each piece of skin is smaller than a female’s thumb, prepared in a test tube, according to John Koh, director of the DeNova Science laboratory – now cooperating in product development with Nanyang Technological University.

To speed up the production process, the team used the printer, printing the human skin accurately and quickly. This is said to be the highlight of the study. After printing, the skin mixture is incubated for two weeks, the skin cells multiply and become more and more opaque, like a white film.
These patches can be used to test the toxicity or ability of a substance and the osmotic quality of active ingredients in products such as cosmetics. “We want to offer an alternative to experiments conducted on animal or human skin,” John said.

This is considered a major turning point in the testing of cosmetics and other non-animal products in the future.

The team is focusing on developing skin similar to Asian skin pigments to test the whitening effect of skin care products.
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