Special memories of veterinarians in Hanoi and US Ambassador

The Hanoi veterinarian had a good memory with the US Ambassador when he came to cure the ambassador’s pet.
One summer morning, Mr. Hoang Ngoc Boi (SN 1951, Long Bien, Hanoi) had just brought Bear, a dog’s name, to have breakfast.

‘The bear was taken to my home when I was seriously ill. I cured it. After that, the owner was busy on a business trip in Ho Chi Minh City so he sent the Bear here ‘as he stroked the head of a Chihuahua dog, Mr. Boi said.

Graduated from Hanoi Agricultural University, Mr. Boi worked at the Department of Animal Health (Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development). In early 1990, he was sent to Germany to attend intensive courses in epidemiology and veterinary medicine. At the end of the course, he returned to his country and continued to work at the Department of Animal Health.
“In recent years, veterinarians have become more and more respected, but a few decades ago, working in veterinary medicine was not a dream of many people,” said Mr Bau.

He said there were two factors that made him choose to follow the path of a vet.

‘My first memory was in 1957, at that time my area was plain, no electricity, so it was very dark at night.

One day, I went out to go home. My family dog ​​barked loudly. My father saw that and brought the lamp. At the light of the lamp, he saw in front of the dog a pretty large poisonous snake. He beat the snake to death with a stick. But the snake died before biting into my dog’s mouth. 2 hours later, the dog died. I understand that dogs bark to alert me to danger. I have a debt to that animal ’.

Years later, the story still followed Bau as a sad memory. He began to have strong feelings for the animals and decided to study at the University of Agriculture.

When he was a student, he often followed the school’s teacher to treat the families’ cattle and poultry. ‘Teacher is someone who has a love for animals. His love and passion for his work inspired me to follow my career, ‘he added.

The memory that reminded him most is the time to treat cows for a poor farmer’s family. The cow of this house fainted right in the middle of the graveyard. Unable to bring the animal home, he stayed up all night in the graveyard for treatment. In the morning, the cow was able to eat and walk.

Since then, Mr. Boi has become a doctor for families whenever he has sick animals, gives birth or needs regular care.

‘The job does not count day and night. I once gave birth to the dog of a family while a football match in Vietnam took place. When he delivered and ran in and out of the hospital to see the mother of the animal, ‘going through the earth’ was an unforgettable memory, ‘he recalls.

A veterinarian capable of using English, Chinese and Russian, he is well known to many foreigners living in Hanoi. He also remembers the anniversary of the US Ambassador’s dog visit to the clinic.

In 2003, the US attacked Iraq, and the US Embassy in Vietnam was tightened with security. At that moment, Mr. Boi received a phone call from the ambassador inviting to treat the dog. Going to the Embassy, ​​but Bau did not dare to enter. Unexpectedly, the ambassador sent a bulletproof car to take him to take place.

He has also been a pet caretaker for the Dutch and British Embassy for many years.

This work also helped Mr. Bau’s family to have more ‘friends’. Ten years ago, one morning, Mr. Bau opened the door to find a gift box, beautifully wrapped. Opened, inside is 4 kittens, he brought into the house very worried because he did not know how to feed when the cats were too young.

Luckily, on that day, there was a woman who brought a white cat to sterilization due to giving birth too much. Shaping the cat’s nipple with milk, he borrowed this cat woman to feed the kitten. 1.5 months later, four sturdy kittens he gave to the cat-loving members at a foster club.

‘When I was going to sterilize the woman’s cat, a French woman came with three other kittens. These cats were picked up by the woman from the trash. So in a short time, the cat was going to sterilize and saved two kittens, ‘he said.

When the previous owner came to pick him up, the cat refused to follow the old owner. So he’s been with his family so far, it’s been 16 years.

Another cat with his family for many years was Leng Keng. ‘I gave him that name because this cat likes to wear a bell and likes to dance. Each time he raced back and forth, he made a jingle sound very fun, ‘he said.

Leng Keng came to Mr. Bau’s couple very casually. On the first day of the New Year, he was hungry and cold outside his family door. Many people go to wish Tet to see a poor cat but on the first day of the year, abstain from welcoming cats, no one carrying a poor animal. Bau took it home and took care of it.

‘Before that, my family also carried a dog named Fall. This animal is about to die and seriously ill. I took him to the hospital for treatment, but when he was well, he did not know who to pay. I decided to raise it. One day, a woman brought a dog to my house for treatment. Just saw a girl who fell in love with the dog and offered to raise. Mr. Boi entrusted Falling to

cho chị chăm sóc.

Phải là người yêu thương, biết chăm sóc động vật tôi mới giao con chó cho. Nếu trả số tiền lớn để mua bán tôi lại không bán’, ông kể thêm.

‘Hai con trai tôi lập gia đình và không ở cùng bố mẹ. Căn nhà nay chỉ còn 2 ông bà già. Các con vật như những người bạn, giúp tuổi già chúng tôi bớt cô đơn’, ông Báu nói.