Should open horizontal cage washer after use

The habit of opening the door regularly helps horizontal washing machines limit mold and help ventilation.

Moving from vertical cage washing machine to horizontal cage, Ms. Le Chi, Binh Thanh District (Ho Chi Minh City) did not know whether to close or open the door. “When I closed the door, I saw a large amount of steam sticking in, leaving me with a slightly unpleasant odor. When I opened it was a bit more open, but I was worried about cockroaches and mice coming in. I was wondering whether to open it.” or close “, Ms. Chi shared.

According to Vu Duy Phong, a technician at an electronics supermarket in Ho Chi Minh City, many people have asked this question to him, not only new users but also those who have been using horizontal washing machines for a long time. According to Mr. Phong, users should open the washing machine regularly of this type.

“The vertical drum washing machine, or the top load washer, has a structure that allows steam to escape from the washing bucket easily. This helps the machine to dry out, water does not accumulate enough to form a mold. In contrast, with washing machines horizontal cage, also known as front-loading washing machine, steam can not go horizontally to fly out, if there is very little, “Mr. Phong explained.

In terms of structure, the front-loading washing machine has a drum with a horizontal axis. To prevent the tasteless water from spilling out, the manufacturer has put in place strong gaskets, diaphragms and rubber linings. However, this is also a disadvantage when the water after washing can stick to, can not escape due to the rubber layer.

“This amount of water is not pure, but it has been mixed with dirt on clothes, washing water, softener and sometimes bleach, if it is left for a long time, it will combine with bacteria and create an unpleasant smell”, Mr. Tran Huy , a technician at a refrigerator and washing machine repair shop on Phan Van Han street (Binh Thanh district) explained.

According to Huy, regularly opening the washing machine door after not using it will help the steam to fly out, thereby reducing mold formation. Besides, after washing, users should take out clothes as soon as possible, because if they are left in the drum for longer, the mold will appear more easily.

However, users should also note the opening of the horizontal cage washing machine regularly. “Do not place the machine in places where there are many rats or insects to prevent them from ‘breaking in’ causing unhygienic, even death in it. If the house has young children, it should be isolated from washing machine because they can be safe. “Searching and crawling at any time is not good,” Huy recommended. “If there is no protective measure, it is best to only open for a certain period of time until the steam has disappeared, you can use a tree fan to accelerate the process, then close the door.”

In addition, he also suggested that users should clean the washing bucket regularly with the mode on the machine (if any), or use a solution of water and vinegar (1: 1 ratio) to clean the rubber gasket. period. If unable to do so on their own, users can rent external services for less expensive.