Service of sending and sending cats and dogs and keeping cats and dogs

To send dogs and cats on lunar new year – Dog and cat care service – Cat and dog hotel

Dear customers, the program to send dogs and cats to boarding in the Lunar New Year!

In the upcoming New Year days when you are traveling for a long time, going away, returning home, what will your pet be like?

🐱🐱🐱 Please rest assured to take pets through HANOIVET CLINIC store. HANOIVET CLINIC applies a scientific, modern and close-to-nature animal storage process that will ensure that your pet is not only healthy and also avoid stress after an unexpected time away from home. With a cool, healthy, clean, dry and friendly space, your pet will surely have a great resting period.

ANO HANOIVET CLINIC has a large space for the purpose of keeping dogs, cats, and other healthy pets.
🏠 There is an air-conditioned room for pets.
🏠 There are bathrooms hot and cold continuous drying, heating for animals
🏠 There is a daily health clinic for animals sent.

  • Only dogs and cats that have been fully vaccinated, the clinic will not be responsible if the child has an infectious disease because he has not been vaccinated against the disease.

Inpatient sending service price: (dog, cat)

  • Cats: under 5kg = 70,000VND / day, Over 5kg = 90,000VND / day
  • Dogs:
    Weight (kg) <5 5.1-10 10.1-15 15.1-25 25.1-30> 30
    Deposit price (thousand dong / day) 90 130 140 150 170 LH
    Price for bathing, brushing (thousand dong / time) 80 100 120 150 170 LH

Method of calculating delivery date:

  • When sending pets after 20:00 onwards does not count as 1 day. In the remaining time, it is calculated as 1 day of sending.
  • Minimum calculation is 1 day.

Customers note:

  • The above prices include boarding and cleaning, 2 meals a day.
  • Not taking care of:
  • Pet is sick, Pet is too bad.
  • Pets have not been fully immunized and do not have a vaccination certificate
  • Owner can enclose pet supplies such as toys, mattresses, cages, accessories.