Salon offers fancy hair dyeing and trimming services for dogs and cats

Trimming, shaping fur for dogs and cats is currently a beauty trend for pets.
With brightly colored fur and trimmed to look like other animals, the beauty trend for this animal is becoming very popular in Russia.
A pet beauty salon in the city of Yekaterinburg is now offering a strange beauty service for four-legged human friends. Ms Salonotz, the owner of the salon, said the salon’s hair coloring chemical is very friendly to animals and does not cause harm because it is extracted from plants and originated from Korea. It is known that the dye will hold for several months until new hair grows.

A customer, Ekaterina Aidimirova, said that because the normal appearance of dogs and cats was too boring, they decided to dye the coat lighter, more impressive for their pets.
However, an official spokesman for the Royal Animal Protection Association still advises dog and cat owners not to dye their fur because the chemical may pose a risk of animal obesity. object.