Saigon family raise 60kg pig, eat crayfish, German sausage, bird’s nest

For the whole family, this pig is a treasure, a pet daughter cared for with a separate diet and an individual “bedroom” in the house.

Raising dogs and cats as pets is too normal, so many families now decide to choose a different animal to keep and also contribute to the “scene” in the house.

Especially this year is also the Year of the Pig, some families in the city have started to raise pigs as pets for “networking”, age. Since then, there have been many interesting things behind the pigs that were originally in the barn, eating by trough, but now they sit in the living room, served with 3 meals a day like “king”. And the story is completely true from a family of 6 people of 2 generations living in Ho Chi Minh City with a pig that has just turned 2 years old, weighs 60kg, extremely nagging and being a boss!
The whole family raises pigs because of a saying … “joke”

It all started on June 6, 2017, when she did not remember why Bao Khanh joked with her mother that she wanted to keep a pig in the house instead of dogs or cats like everyone else. Capital thought was “say so”, no doubt after only a few days, her mother Khanh did not know where to find a tiny pig every bring home “from now will take care of it” in her own surprise. and the whole family.
In the beginning, only Khanh and her mother spent a lot of time caring for this pig. But because he loves to be pampered and also quite obedient, gradually conquered the affection of all family members. So much so that people named him Boss, enough to feel how important it was in the family.

The pig eats “painted with his mouth” and has a separate room for sleeping

Currently, the whole family of Khanh is living in an apartment in Nha Be area adjacent to Phu My Hung in District 7, so when Boss just came back, in addition to or wandering around the living room, she was also allowed to walk on the grass, sunbathe. like many other pets in the block.

According to Ms. Khanh, the family is very comfortable in letting the boss walk in the living room. When she was young, her boss used to bring her mother to her own room to lie on the pillow, carpet to watch television, even tossing and turning, just like a daughter. But later, the boss was too big, and people rarely took him to the room. In exchange for boss’s toilet, no one is allowed to intrude because it is boss’s private space.

In addition, the boss also has a special diet made by Ms Khanh’s mother herself from the market to the processing.

And that diet is currently being divided into 2 phases. The first is from the time the new boss comes home, the boss has to eat 3 times a day, with a mixture of rice mixed with vegetables and fruits bought from the supermarket to the stew with mashed shrimp heads and diced German sausages. enough. At a time when the boss was strange, the family could not eat much, Khanh’s mother personally had to pick up the bird’s nest to stew with her to eat “healthy”.

Ms. Khanh further revealed that sometimes in the morning, her father also has a special “special treatment” for the Boss with a little bread, omelets and grilled sausage to eat.

However, it is also because dietary supplement that exceeds the standard has made the boss face many difficulties in digestion and defecation. Currently, the family has to switch to the boss to eat more bran, limit foods that are too high … fortunately and luckily the boss’s health status has improved, back to normal.

“Because my whole family sees Boss as no different from a family member, I can spend so much time, effort and dedication to take care of him like that. Sometimes I also have to be jealous of him for gaining so much. “the love of my mother and other family members is greater than mine. But how can I do that is a predestined relationship and also a very difficult affair between people and animals.” – Ms. Khanh shared.
In terms of “common ground”, the case of the Boss can also be considered a particularly impressive form when heard, especially the story of a pig being eaten like a queen, which is a German bird’s nest and sausage and all that. . That is why many people keep telling Khanh that: “The whole family tries to raise, when the time comes, the meat should be delicious to know”. And a lot of similar sayings, the type of “joking but true” of people around make Khanh feel extremely uncomfortable whenever listening.

“Just like when you raise a dog or a cat, and then someone told you to remember to slaughter the meat they ate, it was the feeling when people told me to butcher boss. Of course there are close friends, they really say It’s a joke. But with strangers, or not very close, I find it not very polite at all. “