Question 3 starts Tech Awards 2019

The third question in the kickoff of the Biggest Technology Awards of 2019 is about last year’s winning smartphones.

In your opinion, which product won the title of best phone at the 2018 Tech Awards?

The solution of the program is in three options:

A. iPhone XS Max

B. Samsung Galaxy Note9

C. Bkav Bphone 3

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Mini game will take place from 12 to 18/11. Each day, the organizers raise a question and readers will answer and predict the number of people who correctly answer that question. Readers do not necessarily have to answer all 6 questions of 6 days. However, the two who have the most number of correct answers and nearly predict the exact number of people who have the same answer as they will receive the award of the program.

First prize is a set of smart door locks PHG Lock Smart Security cost 8 million VND. Second is the high-speed mobile charger Anker Power Core 10,400 mAh capacity.