Prevent diaper rash properly for children

Mothers clean the baby’s bottom with warm water, wipe dry, choose a soft diaper, good absorbency to replace the child.

Many mothers wonder how to use expensive diapers for their children, but there is still a situation of intimidation, even in cases where mothers do not allow children to use diapers. Skin rash (diaper rash) is a common condition in children. Mom should not be too stressed when faced with this situation. Regardless of the pathology, the mother needs to understand the causes that can be prevented and overcome.

Understand diaper rash

Diaper rash is a condition where the skin is exposed to an irritated diaper. The main cause of intimidation is skin contact with dirty dirt on a dirty diaper for a long time or wet skin because after a child takes a bath or go to the toilet, their parents quickly wrap the diaper. The material of the diaper is not smooth enough with delicate newborn skin can also cause irritation, causing intimidation.

Diapers help mothers solve the problem of absorbing dirt of children simply, more conveniently, especially for first-time mothers. Because young children, especially infants with delicate and sensitive skin, most of the skin comes into contact with diapers, so when using diapers for children, mothers should pay attention to choose the appropriate type, proper hygiene.

Note when choosing a baby diaper

There are many types of diapers for children (from birth), mothers need to study the features to choose appropriate, first note is the softness. For babies with delicate and sensitive skin, diapers with a cotton-soft surface (soft cotton) are a good choice. Some infant diaper products are also fortified with Vitamin E, which helps prevent baby’s skin from coming into contact with dirt, preventing diaper rash.

The important point when choosing a diaper is its absorbency and spill resistance. Mom notes that diapers need to be good at absorbing and spillage to limit the risk of dirty contaminants on the skin of the baby, which can cause diaper rash. The diapers with a 3D wave surface with Diamond absorbent groove help absorb quickly, spread out dirt, prevent repellency, help dry skin more dry, limit the risk of diaper rash, worth considering.

With babies, when choosing diapers, mothers pay attention to the special characteristics of diapers. Some infant diapers (the time before your baby is umbilical) have a navel protection designed to limit infection. The Oheso umbilical groove design is a cut out the front of the diaper, which helps to reduce the amount of dirt that sticks to the navel of the newborn, allowing the navel to be dry and airy. This is a technology plus point for diapers for babies.

Hygiene for children properly

Hygiene for children is important because limiting the risk of skin infections. As soon as the baby is finished going to the toilet, before changing the diaper should clean the baby, especially the groin, buttocks and external genital area with warm, clean water, wipe dry with a cotton towel. Mother should not abuse powder to avoid skin sealing, it is best to just dry your child after bathing and wearing diapers.

Diapers should be changed as often as in the first month may have 10-12 diapers a day or immediately after defecation to keep dry airy. When the diaper is wet, the mother should change immediately, not too long to make the baby’s skin moist, inflamed. Do not wrap diapers too tightly, as this may interfere with the skin’s ventilation. Diapers and baby clothing should be wide enough to allow enough room for your skin to “breathe”. With just a few things to keep in mind when choosing diapers for babies and using diapers so effectively, moms will be able to avoid the problem of skin rash in children.

By limiting the risk of diaper rash, the child is unaffected by itchiness, irritability, good sleep and better development. Small changes can help a child grow stronger.