Pretend foreigners to buy old phones online

The situation of accounts with foreign names suggesting buying Vietnamese second-hand phones is common on electronics buying and selling forums.

Not long after the post selling phones on social networks, Mr. Minh Tuan (Hanoi) received an invitation to make friends via Zalo. This person exchanged in English, claimed to be a foreigner and wanted to buy his phone to give to relatives in Vietnam. After asking about the status of the product, this “foreign” customer quickly closed the price, even saying that he had sent the money, accompanied by a picture of the money transfer bill with the logo of a famous bank for Mr. Tuan. Doubting about this person, and the account is not “bouncing money”, he said that this is a scam so did not deliver goods and cut off contact.

Tuan is not the only one who has recently encountered this condition. On some technology forums, many also reflect that they receive offers from foreign customers, even if they only sell products on Vietnamese websites.

“I sold the iPhone 7 Plus for VND 6.5 million, but a foreign customer said that I had transferred 10 million VND because their bank requested 10 million VND as the minimum amount. They asked me to just transfer it. returned 3 million, and sent the iPhone to the delivery unit to the address of a Vietnamese “one member said.

Some other members also said that they have received such offers from guests who claim to be “foreigners”, for reasons such as buying gifts for relatives in Vietnam, buying for good prices. .. While goods are usually second-hand machines, which require certain checks before buying.

According to Nguyen Hung, a person who has been selling online for 10 years, such cases are mostly scams. A common tactic used is to forge a foreign bank transfer receipt, such as Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Patriot Bank … then ask the seller to transfer or transfer the change. If the seller questions about not seeing the money on the account, these people will use this as a rule of the bank and ask the seller to quickly transfer the goods to complete the transaction.

“Buying used equipment often requires careful checking, but these ‘foreign guests’ often ask very briefly about the condition of the device, at the same time paying a good price, making sellers inexperienced or wanting to sell quickly. cheated, “he commented.

“The best way to avoid being cheated is to make direct transactions. If a customer says they have made a transfer, check the money transfer invoice and wait for the money to come in,” a member said.