Post pictures of the pet dog cheerfully when traveling by plane, she was asked to ask how to be like that?

Sometimes I want to go somewhere far away but I can’t find anyone to go with, looking back and forth but luckily there is still a tangerine companion every day, that’s my pet. Anyway, going alone, taking this “baby” with you to make the trip less lonely is also a good idea.

Most of the people who take their pets are traveling by motorbike for convenience, and other types of public transport, of course, do not allow animals to be brought up. However, this friend Do Vy (currently living in Ho Chi Minh City) makes netizens “eyes wide-eyed”, extremely jealous when she can take her pet dog Annie to fly to Phu Quoc. . In addition to praising the cute, cheerful face of the dog when dressed in beautiful clothes, most commentators asked the same topic: how to get a pet on the plane?

We have contacted Do Vy, she said, to bring your pet on the plane, you have to do some necessary documents such as quarantine certificate and passport. Before the date of departure, you must bring all documents related to you and your pet to the Department of Animal Health to apply for the quarantine certificate, and when you arrive at the tourist place, you still need to apply for the paper at that place to show when you film. about.

About pet passport, you can go online to learn some services that specialize in making pet passports, quite simple.

Vy shared that only Vietnam Airline allowed passengers to bring their pets to the cabin, and only one sibling was allowed for each flight, so you need to book in advance with the airline so they can reserve seats. yourself.

Note that this airline only accepts pets of 3.5kg or less, but before that you should ask because some dog breeds are not allowed on the plane.

When you bring pets on the plane, you must watch them with equipment such as pet containers, muzzles, wearing diapers for “babies” so they do not run around, make noise on the plane or sanitation Not in the right place.

Everyone laughed at the adorable cuteness of this small dog, from “acting deeply” looking out the window to the bright smile on the first time he was on a plane, as classy as anyone. The ears are “decorated” with many colors and a cute green shirt that everyone cannot take their eyes off of the “baby”.