Playing shaggy chicken: 10 million VND / head, waiting in line for 6 months

There are fancy ruffled feathers, colorful, easy to care, … Silkie chicken, also known as shaggy chicken, is in a shortage of goods ordered by many rich people in Vietnam.

Not a hobbyist, but when seeing an image of Silkie, Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao in Duc Dien (Bac Tu Liem, Hanoi) had to go through the whole week to find out where to sell. However, she ordered two months before buying two 2-month-old chicks, for 2 million (excluding shipping money).

Thao said that the characteristic of Silkie chickens is that they have ruffled fur like Japanese dog fur, covering the whole body and the head, living in warm and cold climates. According to the researchers, this chicken originated from China and was brought to Europe about 200 years ago. They are described by zoologists as a cross between a chicken and a rabbit, with a coat of all colors.

“When I saw it for the first time, I had to buy it. Breeding for several months, I find them very easy to take care of, only eat rice and rice like other chickens in Vietnam. Now the feathers of the two chickens are also starting to expand, I hope they will ruffled like the chicken seen in the photo, ”just show.

Sharing the same hobby, Mr. Nguyen Phi Long in Hai Boi (Dong Anh, Hanoi) also said that after seeing the Silkie shaggy breed on the internet, he could hunt it down.

He said, he was looking to buy abroad, but transporting to Vietnam is both difficult and complicated, unfortunately having the risk of dead chickens on the way of transportation, it costs a lot of money. Fortunately, he found an address in the South that sells this beautiful shaggy chicken. However, when he ordered a mature pair of chickens, the owner asked for 20 million VND / pair. However, now the chicken is out of stock, it takes at least half a year to get it, otherwise it has to wait for a whole year because many people order it.

In mid-July, he went to Saigon to work, when he had to catch a car to wade down to Tay Ninh to cross the chicken farm to watch because of curiosity.

“When I arrived at their farm, I was fascinated not to wait to buy adult chickens, and begged the owner to sell a pair of 1-hens to raise ones, grow them to lay eggs and then incubate. I hope this pair of fluffy chickens live healthy and have good eggs so that I can have a herd of them in the future, ”he shared.

Mr. Nguyen Tan Dep, owner of a chicken farm in Tay Ninh, said that three years ago, he imported the Silkie chicken, also known as the “shaggy chicken” from Thailand to raise and then incubate. eggs to breed. To date, his family’s farm has nearly a dozen breeds, with colors from yellow, white to black, gray, …

According to Dep, each adult chicken weighs from 1.5 to 2 kg, life cycle can be extended to 7-8 years, if taken care of can live for 9 years.

Although they are foreign breeds, these ruffled chickens are completely different from other foreign animals. They are not picky about food, even easier to raise than Vietnamese chickens. The main food is green vegetables, rice, and rice.

Also noteworthy, this chicken is very gentle, somewhat “braided” so most are ordered to be “pets” in the family. Mr. Dep said that people in the countryside often carry these fluffy chickens and play with them.

According to Dep, the rate of successful hamlets is very high. However, in reproductive life, ruffled chicken only lay 7-8 eggs. It is for that reason that the current chicken price is expensive, often only people with money can dare to buy and raise.

Currently a parent chicken costs up to tens of million, 2-month-old chicks cost 1 million per child.

“My farm has provided hundreds of ruffled chicken to the market. However, customers who want to buy must have a reservation, ”he shared.