Overwhelmed by the South American dragon’s nest, hundreds gathered in Saigon

Those “toxic” pets are gathered on a farm in Binh Tan district, Ho Chi Minh City. South American dragons have been born for more than 10 years, attracting people to “play” and “pay” for ornamental objects that cost tens of millions of dong per animal.
Mr. Duong Seu Hoa (38 years old) is a 500m2 farm owner with more than 150 South American dragons. This species has a scientific name Iquana and often lives in tropical regions of Central and South America.

From his passion for South American dragons, Mr. Hoa has bought a pair of dragons since 2007. From raising to being a pet, Mr. Hoa started to learn more about this species and wants to grow more widely. With the initial pair of animals, Mr. Hoa propagated and domesticated in the Vietnamese environment.

Mr. Hoa’s farm has many small steel cages, each house is about 2m2 wide and has 3-5 heads. The condition for South American dragons to thrive is that the cage must be exposed to sunlight regularly, “This species must have sunshine to digest food to grow. South American dragons can be kept indoors but must be procured sunlight, “said Hoa.

Every day, Mr. Hoa usually cleans the barn and feeds the dragon once. Foods are water spinach, choysum, pumpkin and green vegetables. Each cage with 3-5 children only need 1kg of food / day. South American dragons have many species but mostly blue and red varieties.

A beautiful dragon must be full of elements from the thorns, bibs and parts of the body to develop steadily, “Want to know if a beauty is beautiful or not, you must look at the frame of the thorns, the buttocks must be round and big, high back spines regular and sufficient. In addition, the nail does not break, the mouth is not broken, the sale price is better, “said the owner of the South American dragon farm.

South American dragons breed once a year with about 40 eggs. The newly hatched seed size is about 25cm, weight of 100grams reared for 2 years, the size increases to about 2m with weight from 5-7kg.
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