Overcoming four times of cancer

US Make-up artist Susie Lee first discovered breast cancer when she was 20 years old, in the past 23 years there have been 3 recurrences.

43-year-old Susie Lee, who has surpassed cancer four times and successfully built a cosmetic brand.

Susie was first diagnosed with cancer at the age of 20, while still in college. She often has a cough, cold and small bumps on the left side of her neck, close to her collarbone. The doctor determined that Susie had a growing tumor in her chest area, indicating surgery and radiation.

More than 10 years later, when Susie was pregnant with her first son, Susie returned to breast cancer. She delayed treatment for fear of affecting the baby.

“This is a difficult process, but I don’t allow myself to fall. The only thing that motivates me is my son,” she said.

At first, she planned to postpone treatment until after the birth of the baby. However, to ensure the safety of both mother and child, the doctor recommends Susie awakening surgery right during pregnancy.

“I had to keep my sanity and focus during the surgery because I wanted to reduce my heart rate, prevent spontaneous labor,” she said.

The doctor also suggested that Susie remove both mammary glands after birth. However, because she wanted to breastfeed, she refused this designation. Susie gave birth two weeks early to continue the cancer treatment process.

After the baby was born, Susie faced cancer treatment, child care and postpartum depression at the same time. Besides the changes in her body during pregnancy and childbirth, she suffered the side effects of chemotherapy.

During this time, Susie used makeup as a motivation to overcome difficulties and inspire people about confidence. She changed her diet, avoided using processed foods and carefully selected cosmetics.

Susie started developing organic beauty products in her own kitchen.

“These experiences have helped me to have a deep connection with those around me, especially my son. I spend as much time as possible with my child, talking, laughing and playing. I tell. about cancer and it seems like you can understand, “she said.

Not long after the end of the second round of chemotherapy, Susie discovered another tumor growing in the chest cavity. She underwent surgery to remove the tumor, but the disease returned again in April 2018.

As well as treating cancer, Susie maintains her business, child care and healthy eating habits. She shares her story in the hope of inspiring the community, helping people live a full life.

“I realized that no one is guaranteed a long life, so you have to live every day. I try to take care of my mind, my emotions and my body. After my second chemotherapy, I see the time being precious and don’t want to waste anything, “Susie said.