Online Vietnamese floor ‘bumper’ on the occasion of celibacy

Not sharing sales but e-commerce platforms claim the number of visitors and goods sold increases many times compared to weekdays.

Shopee said the platform sold 70 million products on 11/11, the number of orders in the first hour tripled compared to 2018. The average total traffic of popular brands increased by 1,626 times and The average number of orders increased by 1,731 times.

On Tiki, on 11/11, the number of applications and customers increased 4 times compared to weekdays. Compared to this occasion last year, orders this year increased 2.5 times, and the number of customers doubled. Traffic also saw a jump when it tripled daily.

The statistics are quite similar at Lazada with nearly 90% of orders placed through the application. It also has statistics that the number of diapers sold is enough for one million babies to use in a day; enough washing water for 1.5 million households to use in a day and enough milk for half a million adults to use in a day.

3 categories with impressive sales growth on 11/11 compared to weekdays are mobile devices, mothers and babies, household appliances. The three cities that spend the most shopping on Lazada are Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi and Binh Duong.

On Shopee, the three products most interested in this floor are smart bracelets, sprays to prevent body odor and oils, which are purchased by men and older people on “Single Day”.

Bui Ngoc Hien, Director of Tiki Brand and Media, said this result was partly due to advertising and communication campaigns. To get attention for 11/11, in addition to outdoor advertising (OOH), advertising at cinemas, television, digital, Tiki covers 360 degrees in social media channels …

Meanwhile, at Sendo, the representative of the exchange said that the priority to invest more for Black Friday at the end of November or beyond is the Lunar New Year 2020 program.

Earlier, Mr. Steven Tuan Nguyen, Senior Manager of Southeast Asia of Criteo had predicted that moderate-value consumer products would be favored.

“The fashion, cosmetics, and household products will still have high sales growth because the value is not too big for buyers to consider, along with many stimulus measures of the brand,” he said.

After “Single day”, e-commerce Vietnam has 2 shopping promotion peak this year: Black Friday at the end of November and December 12.

According to Alibaba’s announcement, the “father” of the 11/11 shopping festival, the total value of goods traded on the 11/11 corporate platforms crashed a record last year, with 268 billion people. currency (38.4 billion USD), increasing by 25% compared to 2018.
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