Old man hung a reward of 14 billion VND to find the missing pet dog

The 70-year-old man, Liu, said he would donate a house in Beijing, worth 4 million yuan (more than 14 billion dong), to the person who found the dog.

Beijng Youth Daily reported that an elderly woman decided to give the 4 million yuan house to anyone who found her missing pet dog.

The announcement was made on May 31 by an 70-year-old woman named Liu through an online application. Here, Ms. Liu said she would donate a house in Beijing, worth 4 million yuan (over 14 billion), to the person who finds the pet.

Because all of Liu’s children live abroad, this puppy is her only “relative” in Beijing. Unfortunately, the dog went missing last Thursday at a metro station in the city.

Notice of finding missing dog with the above weightlift has quickly attracted the attention of many people.

It is known that immediately after the information was posted, there were many calls to Ms. Li to inform her that she found her pet dog. But all the dogs they found were not. Even because the weight is too attractive, some people “disguise” the dogs to resemble the missing dog.

However, Mrs. Liu easily “unsuccessful” the tricks mentioned above because she loved her pet dog.

“We are frustrated and annoyed with fake calls, we are thinking about giving up the search,” said Liu’s nephew.

It is known that Liu’s children are all working and living abroad, Liu currently lives in Beijing with his pet dog. However, the dog was missing a few days earlier.

This is not the first time that lonely elderly people in China have paid a high price to find pets, on January 15, a middle-aged woman in Hunan province promised to pay $ 8000 (174 million). ) to let anyone find your pet dog like the Bull Terrier. Up to that point, the $ 8000 reward broke every record of dog redemption in China.

In the world, there are also giants who are willing to spend large sums of money to find the beloved pet dog missing.

A 58-year-old woman from Telford cycled around the island of Anglesey 12 hours a day, patiently searching for her beloved dog missing in early January 2015. But after realizing that the search opportunity was very fragile if using only rudimentary means and methods, she decided to resort to a more daring method.

On January 21, Janice paid £ 750 for a helicopter inspection from above, without missing any suspicious details on the island of Anglesey, hoping to find her pet Sylvia, of the same breed. Japanese shiba inu dog.

“Sylvia is a lovely dog, she has been with me ever since she was a little girl. It must be very frightened to be wandering outside, this is the first time visiting the island so everything for Sylvia is very strange ”- the dog-loving woman does not hide her worry.

Bannister discovered Sylvia’s disappearance while walking eight of her 16 dogs on Anglesey Island, more than 200 km away from where she lived.

Images of stray dogs were posted on social networks for people to identify and help search

Janice reported the incident: “A few years ago I had a helicopter tour, sightseeing from above. So I thought of the possibility of renting a helicopter thanks to them to search for the missing pet. Luckily for that service, I ordered an up-and-down review. When I got on the helicopter, I had the opportunity to see the island from a spectacular perspective, but my poor dog did not show up. ”