New generation Mazda3 highest price of 939 million

2019 Mazda3 comes with two design versions, two engine options with the lowest price of 719 million and the highest of 939 million.

Compared to the old generation, the new generation Mazda3 increased slightly. For all 10 versions, the price difference is about 200 million between the lowest and the highest, as follows:

Price version (million VND)
Sedan 1.5 Deluxe 719
Sedan 1.5 Luxury 769
Sedan 1.5 Premium 839
Sedan 2.0 Signature Luxury 869
Sedan 2.0 Signature Premium 919
Hatchback (Sport) 1.5 Deluxe 759
Hatchback (Sport) 1.5 Luxury 799
Hatchback (Sport) 1.5 Premium 869
Hatchback (Sport) 2.0 Signature Luxury 899
Hatchback (Sport) 2.0 Signature Premium 939
The previous generation sold in Vietnam only in 3 versions, with the price of VND 689 million for the 1.5 hatchback version, 659 million for the 1.5 sedan version and 750 million for the 2.0 sedan version. The new generation of up to 10 versions is a big difference with the expanded product range, creating more pricing options, showing the goal of attracting more customers of Truong Hai. Currently, Mazda3 is the best-selling product in the segment in Vietnam, gaining the throne from Toyota Altis.

In the beginning, the company applied a preferential price, down 10 million per copy. With the most advanced version, the car price is on par with the Altis or Civic, two names are always the most expensive in the segment.

The 2019 Mazda3 also changes slightly in size. The sedan increased by 80 mm in length, down by 10 mm in height, the width remains the same. The hatchback is reduced by 30 mm in height, length and width. The wheelbase length of both versions increases by 25 mm.

Compared to the old generation still using Halogen lights, the new Mazda3 uses LED technology for both headlights and taillights. Both versions of the 2.0 engine and the Premium version of the 1.5 engine have LED daytime running lights.
Other important features such as automatic headlights on / off, angle stabilization are available in all versions. In addition, the ability to automatically extend the projection angle when steering and manually adjust the high beam mode is only available in some versions.

Rearview mirror with electric adjustment and automatic folding, anti-glare automatically (except for the 1.5 Deluxe version) and remember the position (except for the 1.5 Deluxe version) Other standard equipment includes automatic wiper blades and spoiler (except for the 1.5 Deluxe version). Sunroof is available on 1.5 Premium and 2.0 versions.

The interior of the new generation also has significant differences compared to the old generation. Instead of all versions with leather seats, 2019 Mazda3 has a felt-wrapped version: 1.5 Deluxe. Power driver’s seat and 2-position memory (except for the 1.5 Deluxe version). The 1.5 Deluxe and 1.5 Luxury versions do not have a DVD player.

Vehicles equipped with a 8.8 inch screen (the old generation was 7 inches), AUX, USB, Bluetooth connectivity. 8-speaker audio system (older models had 6 speakers).

All versions have electronic handbrake combined braking function, start with buttons, cruise control. Other utilities and technologies such as gear shift lever (except for the 1.5 Deluxe version), the HUD screen (except for the 1.5 Deluxe and 1.5 Luxury versions). 2-zone automatic climate control, rear seat air vents and auto-dimming central rearview mirror are also available on all models, except the 1.5 Deluxe.

Mazda3 uses McPherson front suspension, rear suspension with torsion bar. 16 inch rims on the 1.5 Deluxe and 1.5 Luxury versions with 205/60 tires. 18 inch rims in the rest with 215/45 tires.

The engine is still SkyActiv-G type. Version 1.5 for 110 horsepower at 6,000 rpm and torque of 146 Nm at 3,500 rpm. Version 2.0 of 153 horsepower also at 6,000 rpm and 200 Nm of torque at 4,000 rpm. 6-speed automatic transmission. Drive the front wheels.

Sports driving mode is available in all versions. The Deluxe version is not equipped with i-Stop temporary engine shutdown feature.

Standard safety equipment includes 7 airbags, ABS brakes, electronic brake force distribution, emergency braking assistance, emergency braking alert, electronic leveling, traction control, support for horizontal departure, Encryption anti-key copy, anti-theft alert and reverse camera.

Other features and technologies such as collision sensor, blind spot warning, cross-traffic alert, lane departure warning, lane keeping support are only available on some versions.