New generation Mazda3 and Mazda3 Sport are launched in Vietnam tomorrow

On 4/11, Thaco introduced the duo Mazda3 and Mazda3 Sport, two products that represent the 7th generation model with comprehensive changes in design, comfort and safety.

Following the success of the Mazda3 model worldwide, Thaco continues to introduce to the Vietnamese customers the new Mazda3 and Mazda3 Sport duo with a combination of artistic design and new technology.

The two models that Thaco is about to introduce to the market have a design inspired by the Kodo language, but each model will show its own unique characteristics. For the Mazda3, Mazda improved the vehicle design, aiming to create a stylish, elegant and luxurious sedan. For Sport, the Japanese brand emphasizes personal style with emotion to honor the pride of adults on what they own.

According to a representative of Mazda Vietnam, the Sport model will bring a surprise with the design without the angular lines, but instead are the lines that create a soft but definite block array, showing the streamlining in manufacturing. and shaping products.

“The transition and contrast between the light and dark areas creates a vivid and attractive shape,” the representative said.

The interior space of these two models is also refined and simplified, eliminating redundant details to create a clear space around the driving position. At the same time, creating a sense of softness, comfort, ensuring user privacy but still maintaining the feeling and connection with the outside world.

This launch, Thaco will give customers a wide choice of versions, especially there will be 2 high-end versions first appeared in Vietnam with the new 2.0-liter SkyActiv-G engine. If Mazda3 Sport is aimed at young customers, loves technology and sports driving feeling, then Mazda3 is suitable for mature and mature people, aiming to build a successful image.