Million dong a kilogram of nuggets

Natural crab nuggets are quite rare nowadays, so even though the price is up to nearly VND million per kg, there is still not enough goods to sell.

Continuous burning of crab nuggets, Ms. Hang, a seafood seller in District 8, said that about 20 kg of each batch was ordered by customers all day.

“Type 4-5 children per kilogram I sell 700,000 VND. This year crab nuggets are rare, so the price increased by 15% compared to last year. Each season I only sold 5-7 batches is out of stock”, Ms. Hang said and let That, the reason why crab nuggets always attract customers is because of scarcity. This type of crab has young inner skin. During the molting period, nuggets enter the cave, do not move and fill the mouth of the cave to hide from the enemies. Therefore, to catch nuggets of crabs, most people have only one way to burrow so the number of crabs sold in the market is very rare.

Also hunting wholesale crab nuggets every day, Mr. Hoang, the owner of a seafood store in Tan Binh District (Ho Chi Minh City), said that they had to buy crabs from dozens of people every day but still could not provide enough for orders. customer goods.

“Because there are not many natural crabs, each kilogram of nuggets of 3-4 crabs per kilogram I sell for over 1 million VND, while 4-5 crabs per kilogram cost 800,000 – 900,000 VND,” said Hoang. , crabs caught in the wild meat will taste better because they must regularly exercise to find food, meat tough, tasty and nutritious. As for crabs, the meat will be friable and softer.

According to local people in Ca Mau, nuggets of crabs are a rare specialty, so when catching, the people mainly catch as gifts or leave to enjoy, but sell less commercially. Therefore, most of the market goods are farmed. To distinguish wild and domestic crabs, it is necessary to observe the crab belly. With wild crabs, the belly is usually dark, can be moss green or earth brown. As for crabs, the lower abdomen is usually clear, weak appearance, thin meat.

Nuggets are also known as bivalve, one of the rare specialties only seasonal. They are usually available in the middle of October. The special feature of this type is the delicious and nutritious bricks. This is a layer of nutrients that crab stores to feed the body during the molting days. Brick of the nuggets are light yellow, delicious, fat, fleshy, not hard and eat not as boring as ocher bricks in brick crab.